Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review & Demo. Posted by admin on January 9th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

I purchased it at Sephora. **PLEASE VISIT http://www.MorganJoyce.com FOR ALL OF MY LINKS/INFO** **Disclaimer – This video was not sponsored. I purchased all …

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review & Demo.”

  1. ilymorgannn

    Youtube is glitching. If it doesn’t play, press refresh or try later!?

  2. itsPriscillaMarie

    lol no one can see it please re upload ?

  3. Samantha Blackwood

    15 hours later, still not working. It’s only this video, not YouTube
    because I have no problem watching other vids. Maybe try re-uploading? :)?

  4. Evelyn Neri

    not working..?

  5. Michelle Gonzalez


  6. stubergdooshbag

    Can’t watch on mobile or desktop, please re-upload!!?

  7. Chimerah Hanssen

    I really want to see this video, but it wont work?

  8. Laurie Ann

    Oh yeah success! -_- saw the advertisement lol still no vedio though ?

  9. Selena Marie

    The video isn’t working :c?

  10. Rebeka Tarane

    slept on it, still not working?

  11. Zoe Ramage

    I think its your video that is glitching :( I’ve been trying for ages and I
    can watch any other youtube. Please try to re-upload when you can!?

  12. badihahsabli

    It works now! :)?

  13. Brooklin Wood

    Didn’t work for me on wifi but switched to 3G and worked! Thanks for the
    video Morgan, I was actually thinking of getting some. ?

  14. Kenzie Darlin

    I think it is just your video, since it seems that everyone else can watch
    other Youtube videos other than this one. Try to reupload??

  15. K Wilson

    Re upload it?

  16. Anna Jensen

    I doesn’t work at me either.?

  17. MissMistiry

    Can you please re-upload it? :)?

  18. Kaeli Lagerquist

    You should just upload it again cause its almost 10 hours later ;-;?

  19. Suzyxgame

    It says you were active 4 days ago on your profile. Youtube didn’t get the
    video at all :/?

  20. misguidedgoats

    Not working ?

  21. michaela baumeister

    Just re upload it

  22. EffUpYourEyeliner

    not working?

  23. XxTashaxAnnxTerrorxX

    It’s still not working :c I really wanna watch it?

  24. TheSkabbeth

    Not working but I’m so glad you did this video! I asked you on tumblr about
    a tattoo over up so this was awesome!?

  25. R0YaL_HiGhNeSs

    Morgan… Is there anyway you can try uploading this video again??

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