Concealers: Full, Medium, Light Coverage Concealers by MAC, ILLAMASQUA, KAT VON D, DERMABLEND Posted by admin on January 8th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

A detailed video about my full coverage, medium coverage, light coverage Concealers by ILLAMASQUA, ILLAMASQUA, KAT VON D and DERMABLEND. For a detailed list …

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25 Responses to “Concealers: Full, Medium, Light Coverage Concealers by MAC, ILLAMASQUA, KAT VON D, DERMABLEND”

  1. aymonegirl

    Concealers: full to light coverage ?

  2. strawberriesncandii

    This is America and you know what that means. It means it’s the land of

  3. MsBellCOco

    you so beautful?

  4. Chika W

    Thanks for sharing. Do you ever use colour correctors? If so, can you make
    a video on it. ?

  5. Nicky Stylish

    I luv dermablend been using it awhile when I want full coverage?


    Marlene please answer this question. ..What concealer us good for puffy
    circles under the eyes? I love concealers as well and have more than
    foundation only bc if my puffiness! I have no marks or acne scars, im so
    frustrated. ….HELP?

  7. Kay's Ways

    I’m addicted to concealers, now I want to try the Illamasqua and
    Dermablend. My nose area be too oily but the rest of my face is fine.
    Thanks for this info, I’ll be checking these out soon?

  8. pink9jablush

    marlene have u tried the mac pure orange corrector? its meant to be soo
    good for acne spots. im thinking of buying it.?

  9. Bendita di Maria

    I like the lengthy videos and your skin is flawless?

  10. MissRed Gal

    Lengthy but great content!?

  11. aymonegirl

    Concealers: Full, Medium, Light Coverage Concealers by MAC, ILLAMASQUA, KAT

  12. marlenia mosley

    Thank you I love your tips. They have worked well for me. I have tried the
    lancome teint foundation it works great.And the iman bb cream it covers
    well thank you so much.?

  13. TheeCourageousQueen

    Great video! Which concealer do you think gives the best pay off in terms
    of lasting between the Mac prolong wear, Kat Von D, and Illamasqua??

  14. srishivu81

    I think this is the best video regards different types concealers and the
    use of it. Love it. I think I want to try the derma blend concealer. I hope
    its available here in the UK! ! Have a great day. @srishivu81?

  15. gina d

    Your.great ?

  16. lilhiphopgirl101

    I’m not sure if it’s the lighting, but the some of the concealers looked
    ashy when you applied them. You should probably mix them or color adjust
    them so they look more natural on your skin. ?

  17. ansbach74

    Very detail as usually. I watch the video and I also went to your blog.
    What is the shade of the Kat Von D’s Lock it Tattoo concealer you are
    using? I did not hear nor I did I see listed the name of the shade of the
    Kat Von D’s Lock it Tattoo concealer. Reason asking it give me some where
    of a starting point in the shade I need to get. Thank you.?

  18. LiveLoveLola Smith

    Your stunning… Hope your feeling better x?

  19. ivy dolls

    Another masterpiece. Love it I will watch more of your other videos to
    learn how to do the under eye cos mine never comes out natural or nice like
    the way I want it. God bless?

  20. Krystle Norteye

    A Timely video . Your skin looks flawless. I was wondering if you have
    heard of the Clarisonic Mia 2 or tried it at all .. ?

  21. melprovidence

    Yeeeeeeeeeeees to this video, tx for making a video about concealers!!!!!?

  22. Glam HouseDiva

    Beautiful black women who wants great knowledge on makeup watch?

  23. Justina Young

    Love your lengthy videos very informative! Keep them coming and has always
    you look beautiful?

  24. beth oketogun

    What’s the shade of the Kat von d concealer ?

  25. Jazzi Henry

    Thank you for sharing beautiful!?

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