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15% off LA Ink at TLC Store* Katie recently overcame three enormous life changing events and wants to celebrate the start of her new life…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: Releasing A Caged Bird”

  1. KeepCalmAndSparkle91

    just saying, but its not NECESSARY to have a super deep and tragic story
    about your tattoo. its totally normal to just want a wicked piece of art on
    your skin. ?

  2. C. Cole

    waaowww that is one beautiful piece of art! well done?

  3. random69e

    Kat von D got stars on her tumble. She may have some stupid choices but her
    tattoos have meaning to her

  4. Robbeeh

    @yamagoof some people might think they did it cuz its cute or trendy.. but
    you’ll never know until you ask, ive got a diamond tattooed near my heart,
    maybe you think its just trendy.. but it has a story for me

  5. antiFlagPuunk

    wow amazing tattoo

  6. FULLTANK ph

    just like my tattoo man. i put the name of my GRANDFATHER in my body. my
    grandfather is died

  7. callmeconny

    mannnn this is amazing!!

  8. Dark Side Coatings

    Very good concept and looks great

  9. Blackeyedflea

    Don’t ta;lk about other peoples reasons or motives, just appreciate the
    art, as the peppers once said, ” If you have to ask, you’ll never know”

  10. luchie2088

    i dono sometimes that works for people

  11. LacyLeda

    What a gorgeous tattoo.

  12. TheLadyapple0781

    Good for her for managing to take that 1st step on her own and checking
    into ER. It is an amazing tattoo too

  13. mrspavilargo

    yeah i didnt bleed on my outline, but did a bit during shading of colors

  14. PregnantWhaleOnE

    amazing tattoo and meaning…wow

  15. BurgerPirate559

    @ABBYonofrej I’m pretty sure Hannah drew the design. there’s no way that
    someone at her level would let somebody come into the shop, with any kind
    of drawing, and not let her have her own input. and yes im a professional
    tattoo artist.

  16. Wantednewspaper

    Wow. I really love this tattoo, and the story is so inspiring. God, I
    almost started to cry when she talked about her eating disorder.

  17. AyCupcakeYou

    Hannah is such an amazing artist! And the story behind the tattoo was
    awesome <3

  18. cagato1

    tattoos with stories are better then stupid stars or something like that

  19. tweenklecat

    @bigsleep32 well if u dont have any u really dont know now do u? dont be so
    quick to judge im a plus size girl and i have lots of tattoos i get
    compliments on them every day as well as pieces noone can see except me so
    u r so very misinformed.

  20. MsRaediance

    That is so great and meaningful. :’)

  21. natalie5425

    i have a partial sleave goin on and its all a story of my journey

  22. mrkathryncummins

    4:02 anyone else notice that the opening of the door is incomplete under
    the birds tail?

  23. zbvm

    awesome job

  24. 27samiam27

    Awesome tatt! And so original, I love the design, placement, meaning…

  25. melissaaalynnn

    i also loved the 13’o clock tattoo kat did. it had an amazing story behind

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