The Triangular Liquid Eye Liner Makeup Tutorial by Kat Von D Posted by admin on January 5th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: How to get this look: Step 1: Draw the baseline of the wing using Tattoo Liner in trooper Step 2: Use Tatto…

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25 Responses to “The Triangular Liquid Eye Liner Makeup Tutorial by Kat Von D”

  1. PlatypusGuitar

    I can never get my eyeliner to be the perfect lenght and angle, even after
    trying for 3 years.?

  2. uncchristine99

    Heard good things about her eyeliners… need to try them out.?

  3. allthingsfabulous09

    Love this so much! And the tattoo liner is by far the best liquid liner I
    have ever used?

  4. thewixter

    Love this look. Kat’s tutorials are always my favorites on this channel.
    And the lipstick is so gorgeous! Reminds me of a limited edition MAC shade
    that I love. When I run out, I’ll definitely get the Kat Von D one!?

  5. sexymuneca34


  6. Iris Glover

    Love it!?

  7. Brianna James

    Hey guys you should subscribe to my YouTube channel and it pretty cool
    videos. I do tags, DIY videos, routines, And a room tour coming soon! Feel
    free to leave me any video request! Thanks! ?

  8. thisisollygreen | videos every weekend!

    Simple, yet effective. Love it Kat!?

  9. BeautyByble17

    Your so pretty and i sooo luv ur personality and the tattoos u hve
    got!!!!!!!!!!!!! U inspire me girl!!!!!!!!!!!! <3?

  10. kennaderek0910

    Why not just use a piece of tape put it where you want it before you start
    your eyeliner?

  11. Frl_O

    little cat is coming down the stairs 1:54?

  12. Hayley Macdonald

    Fuck you?

  13. Sadie Horan

    You are so beautiful you are my romodel?

  14. Patricia M

    So cool !!! Cant wait to try this tomorrow !!?

  15. Diana Franco

    Love it ?????????????

  16. Tinja K

    I love kat so much<3?

  17. SuperPrincessHearts

    Love you Kat Von D!! You’re simply awesome!

  18. Annissa Ryals

    Omg that was so creative totally loved it !!?

  19. Alexis R

    Cool. I’m going to try that. ?

  20. yvonne whelan

    Great tip! Love kat! ?

  21. Megan Kirby

    i love wish!!! love her and her makeup?

  22. nicky anne nasution


  23. Heavensblackrose

    I did that tip before I saw others doing it.. I love this eyeliner, Megan
    Martinez (Chaos Makeup Artist) did this on a client and posted the picture
    on her Facebook pages?

  24. mzpacmanmakeup12

    Kat von d , the ONLY reason why I’m still subscribed to sephoras channel,
    if it wouldn’t be for her i would’ve unsub. Loooooong time ago ?

  25. Rosalyn S

    Man, this is a pretty bold look! I’ll have to try it one day that I’m
    really feeling confident and bold:)?

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