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Gil Elvgren, a artist who’s focus was pin up girls.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Gil Elvgren Pinup”

  1. Psychorgasm

    @grossesfleischgewehr wow dude chill out, its more than likely just a
    simple typo they havent noticed

  2. SinAndBones

    @m0n3y1992 Well, it does sound like she got cut off. I’m sure she had much
    more to say.


    stick with black and grey Kat! you dont have to do color!

  4. GredOrForge

    love Gil Elvgren, he was such a great artist

  5. hayudmudz


  6. notlikethat360

    I don’t know why, but I just love pin up’s tattoos!

  7. jjjkkk999

    that’s a great tattoo it looks really good on her

  8. kathee beas


  9. cali805couple

    love the sound of a tattoo machine..

  10. Sheldor12377

    i swear there was a longer video, from the start as she walks in? if there
    is can someone please give me a link!!!!

  11. TwoWolvesUSA

    Awesome stuff!

  12. TatPeck3

    I love Gil Elvgren…though Joyce Ballantyne and Ed Runci aren’t bad
    either. Pin ups rock 😉

  13. narutofan966

    Gil Elvgren, a artist who’s focus was pin up girls. TLC FAIL Grammar police
    strikes back.

  14. redazi1

    she so look like shit tattoo

  15. ranbrent

    Always a little bit of les in a girl…can you imagine a dude getting a
    picture of a really hot dude on his arm……with barley any clothes

  16. PierceTheVeil1992

    @bigsleep32 Thats a very stereotypical comment, saying everyone under the
    age of 18 is incapable of making an adult decision? Nobody asked your
    opinion on the age of which tattoo’s should be legal. Go fuck yourself.

  17. Damienmizerak

    @bigsleep32 age of consent. and its they’re body?

  18. titanier

    wow….geiles tattoo von Hannah

  19. yazzlerazzle

    that is a great tattoo

  20. Jessica Hallinan

    Its actually not a Gil piece, just inspired by Gil. Hannah did an amazing
    job making my vision come to reality. much love to that woman!

  21. malveylicious

    what about armstrong???? amazing! taschen has a book of great american pin
    ups. I am gettind one done of a pin up who is herself tattooed with toxic
    treats,and killer cupcakes. I will post pics when I get it. btw.. FAB

  22. thevirtualnightmare

    that pink really stands out i love it!

  23. gothjet

    Gil Elvgren, eh? Very classy!

  24. noellezsassy

    Very nice.. we miss Hannah

  25. Andrewbarton1000

    @bigsleep38 stfu I’m 18 almost 19 I have a iq of 155. sadly ur small mind
    can’t fathom what tattoos represent. I have one for my grams who died 2
    years ago not because I just all of a sudden wanted it. I put 2 years worth
    of work into every aspect of it. Tattoos DONT make the person they are
    expressions of feeling sewn into the flesh.

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