Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation Review + Demo (WOC Friendly) Posted by admin on January 4th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

PLEASE WATCH IN HD!! ** PLEASE WATCH IN HD!! ** PLEASE WATCH IN HD!! I am reviewing the Kat von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation in Deep 68 :) Let’s Connect: Fo…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation Review + Demo (WOC Friendly)”

  1. mommaduks67

    You look great ?

  2. Brittany Danielle

    Thank you for doing a review for black girls! I’m actually interested in
    trying this…how would you compare this to Queen Latifah’s all in one

  3. adrianna faedo

    U look so purty ?

  4. alexis calvin

    im a nw47 in mac do yu kno wat shade is qood for me in this foundation ??

  5. neekieshyneyeye

    what shade would a NC50 MAC have to get in this foundation?

  6. alba veles

    First time i tried the lock it foundation I was a bit disappointed then i
    decided to give it another try…i used jalf a pump and mixed it with
    luminizer..i loved it.. it wasnt too matte a bit dewy, yet stayed on all
    day! This foundation will last me forever!

  7. Alice J

    thank you so much for this video!

  8. Glamazon Jay

    I was matched with NW50 but my undertones are actually neutral and Im more
    the NC range.

  9. K. Moussaoui

    I went to Sephora in the mall omg they were TOO pathetic and could not
    match me right, however went to the Sephora store and got the color I
    needed its PERFECT! I got the color 62 I’m a caramel color and this was
    dead on! It’s full coverage, however there is a little transfer so you may
    want to set it. My skin in normal/dry. Thanks so much for this review

  10. Glamazon Jay

    I was matched with NW50. sorry for the late response.

  11. Glamazon Jay

    @Chi2diana1 deep 68.

  12. AshleyLikesCouture

    Thanks for doing this video. I have hyper pigmentation, and I really want
    to try this foundation.

  13. imtoojazzy

    LOL my husband takes over the living room with black ops haha

  14. Sabra Jama

    What shade are you in MAC?

  15. Glamazon Jay

    @alba veles I said the same thing. Since foundations have a shelf life of
    two years, I think I won’t be repurchasing for a while. It works really
    well with a beauty blender so I switched up my technique of applying it.
    But thanks so much for watching

  16. Glamazon Jay

    No thanks. I swatched the 70 before I made my final purchase and it was too
    dark. The 68 work just fine for me.

  17. Stmpnqueen

    Ok thank you

  18. imsimplyemem

    really thankful for this video! I use MUFE and love it, but I like to add
    more makeup to my collection just to have varieties depending on the night.
    I watch alot of videos(5) lol until I stumble to yours, I watch yours
    twice, the most helpful. I already want this foundation but was making sure
    I get the right shade. Thanks for the help

  19. Glamazon Jay

    So glad my video was helpful. It’s a great investment if you want a full
    coverage foundation. I swear it will last you forever lol

  20. Glamazon Jay

    @therealmellyb contrary to what you believe, how the product work is not
    affected by the concealer. There are other videos just like mine that could
    probably answer your question. Then you will see it’s no different.

  21. Glamazon Jay

    Please don’t bxtch under my comments, you’re disgusting. Thank you for not
    having a profile pic.

  22. Melissa Butler

    I wish you would have shown how the foundation works with no product before
    you put on concealer.

  23. Tams Daley

    The 68 looks a little but too lite, u should try the 70

  24. dezinechic

    wha the? youre skin is awesome. now I wont be supporting kat or getting any
    of products but you look awesome in the product.

  25. Stmpnqueen


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