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Get more LA Ink at Dan gives his client gives a Japanese style cat tattoo.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink:Hello, Kitty”

  1. noellezsassy

    My tattoo!! has over 42,000 hits.. and new comments 4 years later? funny.

  2. Bremner92

    Scotland 😀 <3

  3. Brittany murphy

    she really had no idea what she was doing, couldnt ever pronounce it right
    lol. the outcome was pretty though

  4. noellezsassy

    @mizgizzy1 Thanks Mizzy. I know I can butcher the best of words.. :) I do
    love my husband, Dundee and of course my tattoo… XX

  5. theotherspice

    @mizgizzy1 too true…as a glaswegian im used to hearing “enbra” but yes
    it’s nice that she cares so much about her husband and scotland :)

  6. MasterRend4n

    like the result of her tattoo 😀

  7. 000snow000

    she should probably learn how to say its name before getting it branded
    onto herself…

  8. MrsFuckFashion

    Dan look like Adam Lambert

  9. meloen001

    How could you not like this? It’s a great story, very cool tattoo. She
    could be proud of herself!

  10. MiKiSG9


  11. tyru78

    motherfuckin awesome cat :)

  12. noellezsassy

    @themostdirty Ahh come on now. I looked at your site, you and I are the
    exact same age.. karma now, be nice.

  13. Nihilanthe

    @noellezsassy way less than I expected. It’s about what I want to pay for a
    tattoo as I want it to be done really well. It’s permanent on your body!!
    Can’t do that cheaply Aaaah!! It’s just too beautiful, I want one! One day
    I’ll be on LA ink xd

  14. noellezsassy

    Opps…. Maneki Neko ( maneeekiiii necko) I mispronounced it, a Japanese
    patient of mine corrected me.

  15. Samantha C

    that one was adorable :)

  16. appbadder


  17. Shanna Moyes

    @noellezsassy omg, its actually you. How much did your tat cost?

  18. noellezsassy

    @XOXbabeeyXOX LOL I am certainly not Asian. :) Just love the Asian culture.

  19. noellezsassy

    @yu6su6ke6 Thank you so much.. both my Japanese tattoo are extremely
    sentimental to me. I love them both.

  20. mizgizzy1

    nice tattoo – love the kitty but I hate how she pronounces ‘Edinburgh’.

  21. Shanna Moyes

    i expected her to be asian.

  22. heyitspatar

    Dan’s Über hot… and he’s from nz…. and he’s a cat person! Please marry
    me 😀

  23. noellezsassy

    Yes, I guess one could consider Dan a nice person, who happens to be good
    looking… He’s married to a gorgeous gal girls. ( Sorry )

  24. glitterstarzMel

    thats so cute

  25. MasterRend4n

    ok just saying: neither maneeki neeko or maneeko nehko its called
    maneki-neko taken from the japanese culture/believe it’s known to give good
    fortune 😀

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