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Get more LA Ink at Fitness trainer Muwata wants a Phoenix to symbolize the new person he’s become.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: Fat to Fit”

  1. Josephinachristina wernke


  2. Tom Brady

    haha cory u douche

  3. randombaz

    congrats to the guy, looks great

  4. FireChildSlytherin5

    To me that African symbol looks a lot like in Supernatural (The TV series)
    of their preventative symbol that prevents being possess by a demon. The
    characters Dean and Sam have tattooed on their chests. love this guy’s
    tattoo though. 😀

  5. Nagem1617

    Or from genetics, my whole moms side are just bigger even without pigging
    out. I just happened to be oh so lucky to gain their genes…..

  6. susie young

    some people get fat because of medical conditions or are stressed and
    comfort eat.

  7. mrcmxoner

    it ain’t bad at all, don’t feel sorry for anybody, that’s not nice.

  8. mercurymorris72

    @highonfire3653 the tattooers name is Corey Miller

  9. PrecisionHalo

    @Owusou sounds alot more like eddie murphey to me.

  10. blazer2623

    doctor hebert

  11. befrankis

    i need to gain weight…any ideas? sick tattoo

  12. Cordell Sundstrom

    the artist and the customer both seem like genuine people

  13. Alister Akerman

    5:50 kerry kings guitar =)

  14. 25legoman

    no idea what clearly and idiot means but i guess you are and ignorant

  15. Live4DreamMusic

    That tattoo is beautiful!! I love it!

  16. kyle Bartalis

    @neilss1 it doesnt say it in this vid but its kat shop

  17. greyskirt

    woooww he looks so different now ôO

  18. alexus2394

    lmao. I thought i was the only one who noticed that!!

  19. Da Vinci

    …..What are you on?

  20. Lee Medd

    @MistakesAreMade i think it does go away over time but im not sure but if
    it was causing problems he could have surgery on it anyway

  21. I am a person

    He talks and looks like Bill Hader from SNL when he does that bald guy from
    New Orleans.

  22. TheHuentel

    @karatekween33 Yeah, it’s sad, but they can always remove the excess skin
    with surgery.

  23. hollygoesmoo

    @MistakesAreMade If you go on his website and look at recent pictures of
    him, he actually has a six pack now. It’s insane.

  24. kerflop

    holy crap what a weight loss good for that guy.

  25. JumpzSoHigh

    ghana yh!!

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