The Mythical Show Ep 3 (Kat Von D & Wipeout Host Jill Wagner) Posted by admin on December 26th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “The Mythical Show Ep 3 (Kat Von D & Wipeout Host Jill Wagner)”

  1. Super Knocked Up

    Awesome job guys!! Great variety of segments and very funny! And you had
    the awesome Jill Wagner on! Been a fan of hers since Blade: The Series :)?

  2. Pixelated Gaming

    Did anyone else notice the C is missing in the “rhettandlinkalls” on that

  3. Yesenia Munoz

    1 is not a prime number nor composite?

  4. Usamipon

    Lol when link said son in law I was like what?!!!! Since when did link have
    a son in law cause I’m pretty sure his daughters only nine… Unless he has
    other children……. But then it clicked and I realized he meant he was
    the son in law to his wife’s mother?

  5. ramonypony

    Having just seen the chiropractor commercial I always thought that guy was
    creepy but he actually seems really nice when you see him in real life
    working on Rhett and Link. I don’t think a real life ice breaking encounter
    could be as awkward as that failed reenactment was. xD?

  6. InternetFanatic

    omg the many cracks happening in that commercial :/ ?

  7. abbey harrison

    more of the these I love the mythical show ?

  8. andie galloway

    this is kind of stupid you guys talked WAY to much and it was pointless ?

  9. infangec33

    go dodger, go dodger, GO!?

  10. lee capman

    Wow! They made that mechanic famous again.?

  11. TheAsianPlaysGames

    But 2 is prime number too?

  12. Harshvardhan Gantha

    Goorgen is epic!?

  13. Delirium Syndrome

    Apparently giraffes fly now.?

  14. purpledeeppurepinky

    lol you guys will get that guy fired lol?

  15. Sophie Kalmbach

    watch the mythical show with rhett and link if you are awesome?

  16. Mick Jimmy

    Jill – “How did you perceive me?”
    Rhett – “With my eyes…”

    I almost died laughing.?

  17. Carter Gallagher

    2 is also a prime number?

  18. Logan Long

    2 is prime?

  19. Nick Dirienzo


  20. The Alien Assassin

    One is not prime?

  21. 642freedom642

    Shawn from panda express is more than likely looking for a new job.?

  22. Björn Hellman

    do u guys get makeup for this? cuz like, it seems like rhett gets 2 much,
    he seems kinda washed out, not the same contrast in his face/beard/hair as
    in good mythical morning, looks older and worn out here :S

  23. namault

    This episode was chock full of ASMR.

  24. Steven Smith

    turn on subtitles

  25. kuhrtoe

    your welcome

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