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Get more LA Ink at Sometimes when you get a tattoo, things don’t quite turn out as planned.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: Max’s Portrait Redo”

  1. Edwin Hoffman

    kat has a portrait tattoo in the same place on her back.?

  2. Josephinachristina wernke


  3. flip92


  4. treasureyourself

    she gave her a piggy nose

  5. Blake Dimon

    Fucking trolls and a 30yr old virgin that says he would eat kats poop below
    me. Lol fucking pathetic

  6. Nils bittmann-myers

    1.55 to 2.15 how many times does she ‘like’ ?

  7. Kiiafy

    He sounds like a great dad.

  8. Rebecca Lawson

    Does anyone actually know the tattoo parlor’s address? XD

  9. unicornluver882

    Dude he is such a cool dad

  10. eatenbydinosaurs

    this was lovely

  11. Thomas Gaist

    “like, like, like, like” “you know, you know, you know”

  12. Hania Arai

    suomen kansalaiset rokkaa (Finish people rocks)

  13. spookzter spookz

    like like like like! lol

  14. GrabASpoonEatMyAss


  15. Marrila

    what’s the song from ca 2.30 to 2.40 pretty please?

  16. Anna Raza

    haha totally though she said ‘Hi, you’re my boyfriend right?’

  17. callmeconny

    “Cus that’s what I would think would be like my first thing, it’s like, you
    know when like, when I see like young guys and they’re like, you know, like
    totally like, […] yeaaah but I’m like..!” hahaha

  18. Aristotle Pestano

    kat is so beautiful

  19. RooXaaS1

    fuck, kat is hot as hell!!!!!!

  20. tomxxdee

    i wish my dad reacted that way when i got my lip pierced…..he seems like
    a cool dad lol

  21. MrRobinnnnn

    goddamn! kat is hot!! thumbs up if you think to

  22. coxxy94

    Kat is so sexy

  23. yohantonny1

    es la caña este programa lo unico me encantaria es ella me tatue todo soy
    fan tuyo van

  24. BonkersBonnieRed

    I don’t think she has had surgery, she has lost lots of weight though.
    Looking back at photos of me when I was a size 6/8 my face looked a
    different shape to what it is now as a size 12.

  25. TheAshfinger

    @jyr95 Soumi is finnish for finland, and as Enzkulee said she’s good
    friends with Ville Valo, who’s finnish

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