LA Ink: In Memory of Dimebag Darrell Posted by admin on December 24th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Rita comes in for a tattoo in remembrance of former guitarist for Pantera and life companion Dimebag Darrell after his tragic and violent death. Watch more L…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: In Memory of Dimebag Darrell”

  1. shayner67681

    I’m ignoring every single comment disrespecting Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott or
    Pantera, people can be so cold hearted these days.?

  2. jeanyfou

    Cashing in on her boyfriend’s death. Way to go.?

  3. seamac206

    Crash of Pantera = Dimebag forming another band = batshit marine killing
    Dime onstage Phil’s indirectly responsible…

  4. TomJohn1970

    You eat poop and drink piss!

  5. kjn5991

    you seriously dont have anything better to do than being racist towards
    people who aint what you call them?

  6. kjn5991

    fuck off, little troll. you seriously dont have anything better to do than
    bash Dime and Pantera-fans? go play your CoD or something but try to grow
    up before venturing to the world of Internet.

  7. TomJohn1970

    Fucking sweet eh JewBoy!

  8. kjn5991

    get a load of this shit: TomJohn1970 has posted “Thumbs up if you are glad
    Gale capped DimeBagDarrell on stage LOL!!!” on about every Pantera related
    video. and he calls Dime a Muslim and everyone who is a Dime-fan too. he
    hates Jews, Hindus and everything else.

  9. kjn5991

    im not a Muslim, im a Christian.

  10. TomJohn1970

    No shit Musllim, no shit….

  11. kjn5991

    so you hate Phil just for the fun and Dime because he got shot by a
    mentally sick ex-fan who blamed Dime of stealing songs and the break-up of

  12. TomJohn1970

    No, Phil is a junkie hick, but at least he didn’t get his ass capped on
    stage by his own fan!

  13. kjn5991

    obviously you’re on Phil’s side of the stupid argument war.

  14. Ariel62073

    @RitzDaCracker1 I didn’t type that.

  15. Lawn Richard

    which is what i said..

  16. michael bash

    fuck her boobs dime was god

  17. madbear52

    57 people are assholes.

  18. demonseed84

    Dimebag was fucken great,

  19. David Forsythe

    She’s got the blacktooth grin tattoo aswell!

  20. Draik Draiken

    pantra is heavy metal you idiot

  21. Ariya P

    what season and episode is this from?

  22. Sr?an Beck

    this video made me cry.. R.I.P. Dime

  23. 300daysandnights

    you have a huge fucking arm.

  24. Devilock85

    Dimebag forever.

  25. Adam Traina

    Did anyone notice Dimebag’s signiture Dean guitar behind Kat?

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