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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation | DRY Skin Demo & Review”

  1. LamAruaL

    This is so helpful! I love having a full coverage less natural foundation
    for certain days as well as my everyday dewy natural one.?

  2. Cinnabuns75

    The Lock It foundation is seriously my favorite ever! I’m glad you found a
    way to make it work with your dry skin. :)?

  3. April Holt

    your just too pretty !!!great review ,thank you.?

  4. Sabrina Yeates

    This was a great video, I am so glad I found you! I just subbed.

  5. Megan McTaggart

    Thank you! My shade is M 52

  6. Melissa

    Hi Megan! Great review. What is the shade number of the foundation? I don’t
    remember hearing it in the video. Thanks!!

  7. Kim Mezza

    I wonder if it similar to dermablend.

  8. Kim Mezza

    I wonder if it similar to dermablend.

  9. Melissa Kaufman

    Thanks Megan!

  10. Megan McTaggart

    Thanks Neo!!!

  11. Neo Bellus

    There you go, pretty super pretty again… :) great vid!!

  12. Megan McTaggart

    Thank you so much Nikki!

  13. MyLoveForMakeup01

    Great tips! My skin is SO dry. It’s nice to see someone with similar skin!
    Seems like everyone has oily skin. Nice video XO -Nikki

  14. Megan McTaggart

    Try it, and let me know! Thanks for watching Julie!

  15. JuliesBeautyDish

    I really appreciated this video! I don’t have this foundation, but I’m
    going to use your tips with my Tarte Maracuja Miracle. It’s long-wearing
    and full coverage, so I find it hard to blend on my dry skin. I’m going to
    definitely use primer and try a brush. It looks perfect on you!

  16. Megan McTaggart

    I feel like it takes a while to REALLY set, when I was applying my makeup
    after the foundation it would lift of where I touched. After it finally
    sets though, it doesn’t transfer onto my clothing as much as some of my
    foundations do, but it can a little! At least on me, because I don’t use a
    lot of powder because it feels uncomfortable (probably on you too, because
    you also have dry skin). So I would say you probably still have to be

  17. Megan McTaggart

    It really is crazy thick! Love it! Glad you like it too!

  18. Megan McTaggart

    Thanks Christi! Love your sweet comments :)

  19. Megan McTaggart

    Yay! Thanks Jordan!

  20. Christi Myrup

    So helpful. Great demo/review. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Laurie Jolicoeur

    It was indeed helpful. Thank you! :)

  22. Jordan Cheyenne

    I looooooove this foundation, Im doing a video on it as well! :) <33

  23. Christine Alexiou

    I loveee this foundation, i’m super oily and yes i blend a little bit less
    than you :) but i still do a lot of blending because it is very thick.

  24. Megan McTaggart

    Thank you so much, I’ll remember to film it next time!

  25. Melissa Kaufman

    Woo-hoo! Thanks Megan! Just one more question….is it transfer resistant?
    I hate leaving a mark on someone’s shoulder when they hug me! Many
    Blessings, M.

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