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Get more LA Ink at Maria memorializes her father who was lost at sea 25 yrs ago.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: Remember Me”

  1. Tom Brady

    what a disappointment. I doubt her family overcame their struggles and
    moved to the US so their child could be a mediocre musician

  2. DeathstarsEG

    gunna remind her to follow in her moms steps alright…….getting denied
    job after job for having it in a visible area

  3. Oliver Heuschele

    HOT girl and a great tattoo

  4. squeeblesinchworm

    She’s so pretty and the tattoo turned out amazing:D

  5. SynestheticSoul

    @foofigha Yeah. Once the work is done so is the pain. If it’s super
    important to you, you’ll endure it and be happy for years to come. <3

  6. momitch

    Very tough girl. It’s a painful part to get a tattoo

  7. kyle Bartalis

    @momitch lol yer im getting an indian armband dream catcher n the band is
    gunna wrap round that part (inner bicep) i rekon it will kill

  8. checkoss .

    i love this fucking tattoo

  9. IIIllIlIIl

    That’s where I got mine done, only on my right arm.

  10. Rhon Cuhit

    so your a filipina

  11. MrSpideradam

    @momitch narh not really its most fat but yeah bone hurts more

  12. Sheldor12377

    He probably had to tattoo himself when he was an apprentice.

  13. MrSpideradam

    @badmintonlover meh

  14. willstruke199

    she very good looking, and dope tattoo

  15. mike imma j

    very nice tatttoo !

  16. raider2661

    at first when she walked in and said she wanted an anchor tattoo i was like
    “mehh, cliche” …but it turned out really well man she was cute little
    bombshell, too

  17. thebaconflapsable

    she is the most attractive asian i have ever seen wow

  18. Gabe Co

    I don’t want to be Corey. Cuz being that good in making tattoos, you can’t
    tattoo yourself :(

  19. pazila

    @imgabbyDUH Corey Miller

  20. cameron horton

    i love all the videos but wheres the cost? :\

  21. missretrosnob

    That is a really painful place for a tattoo.

  22. szandy1810

    @poissonCHA1 : Well, I have two tattoes, and believe me, it’s painfull.
    where the girl put it, it’s one of the most paintfull part of the body:D
    they just didn’t want to look weak int the TV show:D

  23. ghettoblaster999

    she rox’!!!!!!!!!!

  24. hktit0

    Dannnq, She’s Hawt

  25. Styk0s

    LA for the win

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