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15% off LA Ink at TLC Store* When Dave comes in to have a creepy piece of art by Michael Hussar tattooed, Corey is happy to oblige, but w…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: A Creepy Michael Hussar”

  1. PETRAN145

    Corey is hitting this tattoo on guys right hand… Then, at 3:13 the tattoo
    “slips” on his left hanb… Then again, at 3:36 it “slips” back to his
    right hand.. ridiculous…

  2. RnrYB mirah

    wow imagine if that dude was bangin’ a chick n she saw that tattoo…..
    that would totally ruin the moment o.o

  3. Rarez2


  4. Crystal Doering

    @hiimkatiee No actually that just stops the current one from running and
    will start a new one


    @hiimkatiee nope

  6. 011yhna

    Michael Hussar’s paintings reminds me of the movie “13 Ghost” i love his

  7. hiimkatiee

    @LPglennLP ahahahaha love you too

  8. SolidGoldKalashnikov

    i saw that guy in Juxtapose, he is fucking skilled

  9. alseenpotvis

    shes hot!!

  10. michael5150EVH

    Guy looks like James Hetfield.

  11. fairiebee

    This is an amazing depiction of the convergence of painting and tattoo. I
    have more respect for the latter and I love Hussar’s artistry. It’s
    beautiful to watch him at work.

  12. macman113

    @krazyklownk google likes money man nuff said


    @krazyklownk press f5 and it skips the adverts

  14. BassistsDoItBetterr

    @krazyklownk Makes the show more money, not really a bad idea, seeing as
    it’s publicizing tattoos and making them more acceptable to employers.

  15. 0livia0live

    I looove Hussar’s work! So dark and twisted.

  16. THEAustrAlien

    @21fuzz21 agreed WTF is that shit??

  17. ScheissKopf667

    looks lyk me. ha

  18. 21fuzz21

    @gaaralover00 I know my left from right. It’s on his left arm and then on
    his right arm..

  19. happyhappydancer12

    thats so creepy. i wouldnt be able to sleep with that on my arm.

  20. andykillerworm

    Why did people vote this down? That was pointless.

  21. whenfreedomfell

    I <3 MH's work. But when is his book comming out?! its been on back order
    for a year!

  22. alissa garcia

    @21fuzz21 the mirror…

  23. BloodylocksBathory

    Whoops, I thought it was pronounced HOO-sarr.

  24. villezlovrgrl666

    I LOVE MICHAEL HUSSAR’S work … fuckin wicked x)

  25. rob woodford

    @LeGette88 thx for the tip

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