LA Ink – A Symbolic Trapped Owl Posted by admin on December 20th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Robert has learned a great amount from his mentally challenged sister and decides to depict it with a wise owl being trapped in tree’s twisting branches.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – A Symbolic Trapped Owl”

  1. Bethany G

    Aww, he’s so sweet :)

  2. CleanAndDistorted

    that looks fucking amazing

  3. AnnaBlowfish

    That was an awesome idea

  4. wolfee monster

    That’s so neat!! I would personally want it to be a barn owl… Idk I just
    think they’re really pretty

  5. Jordana Jugular

    beautiful story and beautiful tattoo! this guy is so sweet!

  6. itsybitsy999

    “Articulated it real good” – HA!

  7. vyn1997

    Does anyone here had tattoo before you’re legal to have it?


    ya occult satanic tat!

  9. Cheryl Blue

    It turned out nice in the end, but I’m surprised the guy liked it. He said
    he wanted it to be realistic-looking, and he also said he wanted it to look
    like the owl was tangled or trapped, and the tattoo is really cartoony, and
    Corey drew just one branch in front of the owl, which isn’t really trapping

  10. Yung Red

    fuck yea!!! ….everything he does is free handed!!

  11. ma suca

    @AHebrewGypsy i wish i could immagine! i’m a great drawer but i’m only good
    at drawing peoples faces and stuff… when it comes to find something to
    draw for myself… i have no inspiration!! i wish i had more immagination!

  12. Hatter Reeves

    This show is what got me into tattoo’s and inspired me to get my first
    tattoo after the failure of my first marriage……awesome job extremely
    inspiring im ready to go back to my tattoo artist and get another
    magnificent piece done thanks for sharing

  13. wrngsurgeon

    @isabellcarlick the learning channel. also whats the difference between a
    hard and softcore tattoo shop

  14. BaByXgIrL

    Sweet crap, this is one of the most gorgeous tattoos I have ever seen. <3 I
    was moved by the significance behind it. Very touching! Now that's
    beautiful art, did you see the result? Ah-mazing. <3

  15. AllyCatDee

    Dude, Corey and his freehand work, its insane. He is a true artist.

  16. shauna1636


  17. unicoenlover

    thats beautiful now i think i want to get a tattoo

  18. TheMrJarRAD

    @187sadist ink

  19. xrainbowmintx

    I love the idea behind that tattoo =)

  20. Alisa Carter

    I think the same thing with my brother

  21. manuel aviles

    tattoo machine?

  22. MegaDriveMat

    this guys relationship with his family is amazing i look at my sister and
    just think annoying spoilt cow and i cant really think about thinking of
    her any other way its amazing how hes allowed himself to get so close to a
    person and yet if i though about getting that close to my sister i cringe
    in awkwardness

  23. isabellcarlick

    i know dumbass, is sarcasm

  24. OfficialBASH

    Hahah, Corey Didn’t “Still Articulate It Real Good”

  25. asdghjklrugfi

    this is beautiful

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