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25 Responses to “la ink s1e04 Full”

  1. Tyler Durden

    he didnt have the tattoo when he was showing her the photos lolerskates?

  2. zazar blanco

    hughes 😀

  3. Jonathon Clary

    bet he regrets that tattoo by now. not that its a bad tattoo, just how he
    felt at the time he got it.

  4. Ricky Sixx

    Pause the video. right click stop download. your welcome.

  5. IAmPeter file

    there are tattooist . and tattoo artist , wow this Hannah girl is the best,
    excellent work of art

  6. pauly Diego

    haha and also the chances of regretting it later is less. I mean, I’m
    pretty set on getting a cursive script on my wrist and though i looked into
    other things rather than tattoo, i still feel like tattoo is the right
    thing to do, like a feeling.

  7. SamTheMan4lifee

    lol then at 8:36 they were like oh well whatever

  8. bob micheal

    I like at 3:08 how they cover up the tattoos nipples

  9. junoneedsbleeker

    wait pixie had a boob job? i’m lost ahahaa

  10. j, Camila Jabs

    How’s thee name of that rockabilly band?

  11. Iareorgasm

    You’re a fucking moron, GTFO

  12. Nihilanthe

    at 37:14 she says she doesn’t want fake boobs

  13. iorazvantheboss

    @secretviolet16 tnx,glad you like it

  14. RequiemHD

    Make sure you dont make it too big :) good luck!

  15. MrDeadwithoutmusic

    i dont think she went thru with it

  16. DrOctopusBJJ

    Kim makes my wiener feel funny.

  17. Alex McCarver

    kat please come to memphis TN i would like you to do a tatto of my
    girlfriends face on my wrist PLEASE

  18. j9

    damn that guys a perfect 10.

  19. slikkar

    pixie is way better than kat…kat is not sexy full of make up…

  20. BoomBoomInYurRoom

    Pixie and Kat <3 thats were it's at

  21. shea pasamonte

    pixie is so sexy!..

  22. Cageddemonwolf

    No Kat! Not your boobs!

  23. james c

    that woman is such a slut

  24. Jordan Rodzaj

    such a sick idea with the naked girl and the heart

  25. teenphantom180

    Mike Vallely in Paul Blart mall cop was badass.

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