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15% off LA Ink at TLC Store* Student Erin sees cherry blossoms as a metaphor for life and chooses to have them inked across her rib cage …

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: Rib Cage Cherry Blossoms”

  1. Madskillz907

    Gorgeous little person man!?

  2. Giulliano Giu

    what´s her FULL name ? i know starts with Erin ….?

  3. calleroev

    That’s one cute girl. Can I take her home with me?

  4. Erin Wilbanks

    You know, for being a dwarf, her face is very proportioned. I’ve seen a lot
    of people with her conditions and usually there face is not proportioned
    correctly. She is a lucky one.

  5. KittyChan398

    She is a strong woman 😀 No matter what size or shape they are, its that
    spirit with in.

  6. marajlize legaljuana

    I fapped

  7. Becca Nolan

    She’s so hot, and that’s a cool tattoo :)

  8. Helena Rose

    lmfao XD

  9. MayhemChannel

    Im legit terrified of midgets… She’s helping break down barriers

  10. BlekahIsBack

    She’s so pretty! Not just for a little person either, she’s genuinely

  11. heebs907

    @AlienXCherie wtf is the b word?

  12. DerBuuhmann

    which is braver than going to war, because you’re going to hurt yourself,
    not other random people.

  13. mardisaurus

    Such a beautiful tattoo :)

  14. spmspm1000

    @redeyeman06 hahaha holy fuck

  15. Iratymae (:

    She is inspirational to me because honestly i’m very short for my age like
    i’ve seen a 6th grader thats taller than me and to know that someone like
    this girl can be so beautiful and still very short thats gives me
    confidence. I love this girl.

  16. Nancy Noriega

    es muy bonita!!! *-*

  17. squishymywthi

    lovely lady and a gorgeous tattoo!

  18. MissEllenJenders

    she is GORGEOUS

  19. SarahRose0

    She’s beautiful. c:

  20. MissJessica Marie

    shes a little HOTTIE!!!! hahaha go her!

  21. Tony Haynes

    She is fucking hot

  22. kelseybuster21

    omg she so pretty!

  23. Maura Kelly

    She is so pretty ! <3 And I LOVE that tattoo(:

  24. Bob Bischel

    Ribs ****ing suck!!

  25. shinebox0406

    i’d be all over her….. portable hotness

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