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I’m so excited to share some sneak peek, behind the scenes stories from my latest book, Go Big or Go Home, available everywhere on April 16th!

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s GO BIG OR GO HOME sneak peek!”

  1. silentSTem

    i would love so much to get tattooed by her some day!

  2. wooiliketurtles


  3. Lananicol

    I love to

  4. Mista Lou

    Question are u coming to Alabama I’d love to get a book signed by u…

  5. Muffin M

    Kat is stunning! xx

  6. Annabelle Stark

    How does someone actually get to email u and not some fan club contact. I
    have tried a thousand times to make contact with u and have never heard
    back. I totally realize u are busy but I have a few questions to ask u that
    are personal to me and I would reall like ur advice on.

  7. hellomelaniee

    i think bc after she left t.o she prob got sick bc it was cold that day!
    love you katttttttt :D:D

  8. j2916

    Kat V D I really want a Big piece from you

  9. Patty Romero

    Greg is an amazing fun cool guy, love his new tattoo and of course, Love
    Kat Von D.

  10. Lananicol

    I love you cat your so inspiring

  11. mo6meijer1999

    Yeah joel is a lucky mofo

  12. Casey Couture

    Greg’s tattoo is stunning.

  13. Sebastian Greiner

    My dad went to the US this week and bought the book for me there. It’s hard
    to get in Germany, on amazon it takes up to 2 months till they ship it. I’m
    very excited and can’t wait to read it this weekend 😉

  14. heslop175

    Only three copies coming into my local book store in the UK stampede
    haha.Kat pure Awesomenesss 3

  15. briemadonna

    amazon.co.uk <3

  16. tearfallzbreak

    Your so inspiring to me Kat. I could learn about you all day long your so
    unique! Much love tearfallz

  17. Dayna Saunders

    Miss You Kat! Hope you feel better <3 … send my hugs <3 …i want another
    one from you xoxoxo

  18. Aiden Motionless

    Love u kat

  19. martaredpassion

    My role model, my inspiration, i love you Kat.

  20. Kathy Huipio

    I’ve been slowly exploring your book since I got it, and I must say it’s
    really rad! 😀 Stay awesome Kat! XD

  21. CharleneHunt12

    Kat I would love to get a Last Beothuk Shanawdithit tattoo from you for
    myself and Twin sister Charmaine that would be amazing and an interesting
    story!! Heres some simplified history we have some family history involved
    maybe some of it is not to be proud of. William Cull was our Great great
    Grandfather who had captured her in 1823. I would like to post a history
    link but I can’t on here;(

  22. Mandy Burns

    She got sick?! How is she supposed to help that? Yeah I understand it would
    have sucked being let down but it’s not like you were the only one. She
    canceled like two other cities. So calm the fuck down. It’s not like she
    has to do anything at all. She’s doing tours to meet her fans, which from
    this reaction you never truly were. and it was like a week ago. If she came
    back all ready shit people like you would complain she wasn’t her self and
    it shes all an act

  23. Graffitiholicc

    Kat i miss you =(

  24. MsLovin2010

    I’m so glad you have a YouTube channel. I think you are so amazing and

  25. xoLoveLeti

    Don’t tell me to calm the fuck down if I want to vent or be pissed that my
    fucking prerogative. People like you who think they’re always right and
    read over comments to argue with others are so fucking annoying. And
    obviously if I wasn’t a fan I wouldn’t be so fucking upset. She wasn’t
    sick. She was seen just fine and with Bam. You don’t know the truth so stop
    fucking acting as if you do. BYE <3

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