The Shimmery Purple Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial by Kat Von D | Sephora Posted by admin on December 14th, 2013 | Comments (24) |

Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: How to get this look: Step 1: Apply High Voltage Eye Primer to lid for long lasting color Step 2: Apply Spe…

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24 Responses to “The Shimmery Purple Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial by Kat Von D | Sephora”

  1. xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox

    Beautiful! i love it <3?

  2. jennifer w

    That Trooper eyeliner pen is THE best liquid one ever. Long lasting and
    does not flake off. Worth it!?

  3. Liberty Rose

    I love her tutorials, super keen to get this palette!?

  4. diamondlightningg

    I wish it was still in stock! Love Kat though! ?

  5. Angela N.

    Love this. I want more tutorials and make up from kat ?

  6. rosyrachey

    Hi girls! My name is Rachel! I know these comments are annoying but it
    would mean the world to me if you checked out my new beauty channel. I also
    recently uploaded a video! Love yew! -Rachel?

  7. makeupmermaid22

    Where is the flat brush from??

  8. SinderellaX3X3

    Love the necklace.. The eye look is just as any other. Kat why do you put
    lipstick outside your lips?!!!?

  9. Hérica Lopez del Rosário

    She’s so beautiful and i love her make up and of course her tattos????

  10. Alma Rodríguez

    I love it?

  11. Yume-Priscilla Matsuri

    i love how original her tutorials using this palette is, i hope she has
    more coming!?

  12. Kenblin Harris

    I love her !?

  13. sweetlemon56

    Amazing tattoo artist and makeup artist now. Good job Kat ! ?

  14. Teresa Rodriguez

    I love you kat <3?

  15. Kirstie Tully

    So ready to buy this once it’s in stock again! ?

  16. Katie Louise

    Love this look! I love Kat’s makeup line <3?

  17. Emily Rodriguez

    Kat looks beautiful my favorite tattoo artist <3 more Kat!!!?

  18. Magdalena Cervantes

    I love this look so beautiful, definitely going to get this pallet.?

  19. Patty Romero

    I love your skull jewelry and always u
    look amazingly beautiful.?

  20. Anahi Okita- Castro

    Please do more videos I ??????

  21. thegamedrifter

    Love Kat… beautiful look?

  22. makeupmermaid22

    She is such an amazing makeup artist, great use of the 2014 color of the
    year in her look. Such a beautiful and creative eye look. ?

  23. Katherine La Santa

    Love it…?

  24. Andra Caulder

    That eye makeup looks messy on her?

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