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Kat gives her friend Pixie a candy tattoo on her ribcage, which proves to be painful for even the toughest girl.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Pixie’s Candy”

  1. Arnoud1987000

    Get real and tattoo that bag of cocaine…..?

  2. dan mall


  3. raveing loony

    beautiful to beast in one easy boyfriend, what a freak.?

  4. KJ Mac

    them titties tho…?

  5. mile milic


  6. DasFremde

    Not anymore.

  7. iLickedUrSkittles

    And they are best friends <3 love it

  8. majincorey

    A smoking hot babe like Pixie laying there in barely a bikini and you homos
    are arguing over her body mod friend. Priorities dude!

  9. michakuu

    Why is everybody hating the dude with tats on his face? He looks pretty
    cool to me ;A; people always judge everything holy shit

  10. gkwallace2001

    man that dude was scary and so was the lady

  11. pierre giquel

    The one getting the tattoo is fit

  12. The Leprechaun

    1:08 whyisshegrabbing her boob and why the fuck would she get that in her
    wrist i just lost attraction

  13. sixstringfretter

    Don’t they realize that shit is permanent?

  14. aliciatzoc

    I love her tattoes ??

  15. ItsTheCraze100

    those tattoos are amazing. i kinda want a cupcake tattoo now, or atleast an
    actual cupcake! pretty but not forever :)

  16. Nina Black

    Holy crap that spider scared me… :O

  17. Ubarin

    Niceeeeeeeeeeee boobs

  18. PinkPranksYanks

    Prank Calls my Channel!!!

  19. Aiciu

    Hahaha that guy looks like an idiot!

  20. Billy Price

    Face tattoos will always be dumb as fuck.

  21. GablesHorse

    I think the steel in the wrist is dangerous! Why the fuck would you want
    that inside your body? And the split tongue, just WHY. Her tattoos are cool

  22. TheAdamie

    I would assume you just show it to them the same as any other metal thing
    in your body.

  23. Emily Francey

    Tatto on face is fucked up lol the Guy looks like a fucking scary monster
    ewwww =S

  24. HirstySkates

    those face tattoos were probably a bad idea… but what ever floats your

  25. upinflamezzz

    I don’t understand those ear plugs. Ugh.

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