LA Ink – Does Kat Plan to have Children? Posted by admin on December 14th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Get more LA Ink at Kat gives a surprising answer when singer Yolanda Perez asks if she ever plans …

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Does Kat Plan to have Children?”

  1. mestuppunker101

    @MaLiCeFoRtHeMaYhem i wish all women were like you!

  2. xJadeChantelle

    wow. take a look at my favourite videos to see what kind of music I like.
    or are you too lazy for that too? 😉

  3. Eric Vascotto

    if she had a kid it would come out with ink skin X.X

  4. BobbyBooshay1000

    i would love to bust a nut in kat

  5. ClaudiaSwann

    in the UK it’s alittle different, at least now anyway, though anyone who
    actualy bothers to do the work can most likely pass their A lvls. it’s
    quite hard to get masters.

  6. StoneCold75

    @MaLiCeFoRtHeMaYhem LOL…you will be impregnated…you cant stop
    nature..your belly will be round like a mountain soon

  7. StoneCold75

    @NightxAngell No, sexist is a woman having to live in muslim culture..when
    your usterus is mutilated as a child so that you never get pleasure from
    sex, sexist is when they are forced to wear a tent on their whole body and
    cover their face in the desert arid temperatures, sexist is when women are
    stoned to death by men with permission of the court because they looked at
    a man at the mall in a suggestive manner…Get your priorities on sexism in
    line compared to whats going on in the world.

  8. Jelmer van Vliet

    @MaLiCeFoRtHeMaYhem yeah, and as i said,,,the people who find children
    disgusting are the ones that never grow up. As i said, you dont have to
    want kids, or be fond of them. But to say you hate them shows you’re

  9. BeFreeNForeverYoung


  10. BeckaMorena

    i just saw Yolanda she is prettier in person I must say.She has two kiddos
    too super cute

  11. aidenmccloskey

    @yippe i agree, there’s a fine line between realist and being cynical, but
    i really can’t spot or define it. maybe being a cycnical person, means
    you’re also a realist? it’s very confusing

  12. Cassandra D'silva

    Honestly, Kat can’t have kids, like, she’s physically can’t have kids
    anymore. She’s had her tubes tied

  13. bumpy105

    @TheStreetracer117 Haha 😀

  14. VisualiseTheFun


  15. SMD1964

    So you’re not having kids… thanks for your contribution to making the
    world a better place, Kat.

  16. flaissita1

    yolanda perez looks like. singing with akwid

  17. NightxAngell

    @StoneCold75 I am very aware of what’s going on in the world when it comes
    to that. Just because there are worse things happenings doesn’t mean that
    the smaller things aren’t still sexist. Sexism is sexism no matter how big
    or small.

  18. VisualiseTheFun

    @MaLiCeFoRtHeMaYhem ha, if everyine was like you, rest assured the human
    population would have died out by now and there would be no such thing as
    ‘happiness’ because everyone would be cold hearted, bitch fuck you do you
    even think about what you’re saying before you post it, i mean not wanting
    kids is one thing but HATING them, now that a kind of evil, I HATE hitler,
    I HATE osama binladen, I DO NOT HATE children, wtf is wrong with you, you
    dont even know what hate means.gtfo

  19. kerflop

    whenever i think i might want kids someday i sit in a room with one for 5
    minutes. Problem solved.

  20. KitaDyer

    Chill the fuck out. Kids are fucking annoying.

  21. mudvaynegirl955

    i love kat man she rocks the world

  22. genetik_defekt

    @aidenmccloskey I dont see that as cynical really, especially not these
    days i really feel that your just a realist. Unless im also cynical and
    noone told me lol.

  23. AngelBug109

    I think adoption is awesome if you are just not ready for a child in your
    life. I of course got a surprise baby and she is now almost 3, but i chose
    to keep her because I believed if I was mature enough to have sex and get
    pregnant I was mature enough to take responsibility for her. Of course we
    all know this rule doesn’t always apply but anyhow as a divorced single mom
    I agree adoption is a great thing and many should invest in it. Poor little
    tiikes need a loving home too.

  24. StoneCold75

    @MaLiCeFoRtHeMaYhem Yeah, he had a vasectomy..and I think that it all
    depends on each womens life experiences..plays a part in that
    choice…Physical attraction may play a part in it too..if your what
    society classifies as sexually attractive or desirable..the higher chance
    it is you will have children someday…I took a course on this in school

  25. annybg

    @DanceKate what does acting like a lady mean? It’s a fucking stereotype.
    It’s better for her to be who she is, not what society wants her to be.
    Just because you are a woman it doesn’t mean that u have to give birth and
    raise children…

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