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Movin’ On Up (Season 2 Episode 7) I uploaded this better version for all the creatures who didn’t see this or they want to see it again. Follow me on tumblr …

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25 Responses to “Chris Motionless @ NY Ink”

  1. Emi Toxication

    i just love his voice <3…guuuh?

  2. Danielle S

    WHATS THE SONG AT 0:14??

  3. Brandy King


  4. Angel Avery

    Ehrmergerd <3 Chris freaking "motionless" cerulli omg, I love him so much.
    I love this episode, cx?

  5. brad decker

    Megan is fucking hot goddamn shes so sexy. her style, the way she carrys
    herself, mm mm mmmm ahahha?

  6. Aegethir

    What’s the song that plays after he looks in the mirror???

  7. Danielle S

    I just love how when ever he talks hes just all quiet and shy and when he
    leaves he says goodbye all soft its so adorable!!?

  8. Der Ausgestossene

    song name at 0:53 ??

  9. Santy Black

    Chris <3 ?

  10. Victoria Angels

    Amen to Grandpa! This made me cry a little bit…aaaw fuck,don’t cry,don’t
    cry,don’t cry…fuck it reminds me of when my grandma died…I was ten
    too…fuck Chris I know tha feels?

  11. Sara Michalak

    Awww so cute <3?

  12. jinkss111

    I like his look n the tatt is sweet?

  13. Tessa Torture

    I wanna marry him.. <3?

  14. hannah brown

    The song that plays in the beginning is creatures c:?

  15. John Hermanofski

    Come back home<3

  16. Tyra Irvine

    Chris is such a wonderful man omfg

  17. Nick Morris


  18. ??????? ????????

    ????? ? ??? ??????? ??????????

  19. foxlover1922

    Think before you fucking speak! :3 <3

  20. thatgyuitarguy99

    AND THINK BEFORE YOU FUCKING SPEAK! he only fears what he doesnt understand

  21. TheACLambert

    I sing for a band called Motionless In White. I FAAAAAALL!!!

  22. Zion Viena

    Chris your adorable.

  23. Alexa M.

    I know… I love Motionless In White, they’re amazing. <3 I just found it
    immensely entertaining that that's the part of the song they chose after he
    said he sings ^-^

  24. Candy Marie


  25. Linea Høeg Olsen

    chris <3

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