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Get more LA Ink at Mia commemorates being cancer-free for over 3 years.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink:Don’t Cry”

  1. bbeelii

    Maybe that’s their story 😉 They like the look of it! 😀

  2. Bethany G

    He seems like a nice guy but I don’t like the tattoo much.

  3. Becca Nolan

    Not necessarily every tattoo has a story behind it. Some people get a
    tattoo because they like the look of it.

  4. dilma87

    I have a tinkerbell on my wrist and It shows my childish side I have Thoth
    symbol, which is sign for knowledge/success and the last one is in hebrew
    coz I wanted it to be special to me. I prefer tattoos with the meanings

  5. Vaniessa C

    I love how he actually put the pin on to show his support! :)

  6. Super Hitler

    I’m okay with that, because I can see myself on his level

  7. Emilia De Las Rosas

    She is beautiful…

  8. mxs703

    @slygirls09 well she has a bit of padding

  9. aliceNalisson

    That’s a good phrase :)

  10. domyniqe12

    i almost cried

  11. TheHottie5576

    @cxbra Maybe that was the side she had the cancer on? Anyway, tough spot to
    get one. Blessings to her!

  12. Rudewomantt

    @nascara911 Thats ok, I love his eyes, the rest you can have:-)

  13. 3LimbedHero

    Its cool to see other cancer survivors :) Congrats to her. I lost my leg to
    bone cancer in my knee at the age of 4. Im 19 now and competed in swimming
    and football in high school :) Trying to finish up college and am cancer
    free too!

  14. xDizeazzEx

    They way i see it if i was big , i wouldnt care i looove tattoos and the
    way i would see myself would be more room for tattoos , and more of a

  15. Patrick Jones

    shes tick! tick! thats guyanese for FAT

  16. unicornluver882

    Her just her self and her tattoo are just beautiful she has such an
    inspirational story-3

  17. TheRedheadkitten

    When people say tattoos are disrespectful it makes me sad, every tattoo has
    a meaning, an event that was happening during it and a memory

  18. SaintsToSail0rs

    The correct term is you’re an ass and maybe she likes her body, quit

  19. Karolina Zdeb

    is he yer man who was later in miami ink with pixie with the ridiculous
    tattoo on his face?

  20. parkballaz

    Dan Smith “With The Light of Truth” WATCH THAT VIDEO…he’s New
    Zealander…FULL STOP

  21. 6inked

    your definately supposed to wait at least five years after being treated
    for cancer to get a tattoo.. ? but really, really nice :)

  22. l4dyfett

    that’s because of her skin color, not the tattoo itself.

  23. f romero

    love this tattoo so much

  24. XXfaithlaineXX

    hot accent… haha also i love the heartogram on the door. H.I.M. symbol. i
    love ville valo lol

  25. ZippoIsHD

    Exactly. :)

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