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15% off LA Ink at TLC Store* Rusty grew up with traditional and strict Japanese roots where a lot of pressure is placed on the first son …

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: First Born Son”

  1. megswansborough

    I think it’s nice because it actualy means something to him ,rather than
    most faggotts these days who just get random crap

  2. J4jp

    wow rlly… inking ??? and he call himself partly “Japanese”…. wat a
    shame… if he ever goes to japan everybody gonna look at him weird like
    his juss a random foreigner who likes the kanji letter…. omg….

  3. LittlePeopleBigWorId

    Another Awesome TLC Production

  4. Jakathera

    I feel bad for this guy. Treats his first kid like shit by being so strict
    with him and neglects the rest because they’re culturally “not important”
    sucks to be them, and I know because i grew up in an asian/american family.

  5. POYTV

    My dad used to beat me and choke me alot and cuz of him I used to starve
    myself and it affects me emotionally at school. He calmed down but we have
    a dead relationship.if I ever get a kid I want to be the best dad I can be
    not like dat guy in the video.

  6. david101496


  7. CallumCR

    @walrus88011 “And I happen to be pretty damn hot.” so you may be attractive
    and smart, but you sound way too arrogant.

  8. MatildaEMCMusic

    it depends what you define as meaningful…

  9. koalapanda1105

    @Officialbadassbacon It depends on what meaning. Like do you want to
    express music? Get a Treble Clef! If you want to express someone, get their
    name or their portrait! Anything you want.

  10. PirateKing1256

    That’s a awful tattoo. His dad sounds like a idiot.

  11. Unkn0wnVang

    This comment is OBVIOUSLY from a second or second to last child of the
    family. =)

  12. 89389311

    ???bad. cool kanji?

  13. drakkonami

    If you take into account the colonial history of these regions, as well as
    their respective climates and resources, it’s not to difficult to see that
    there are a variety of factors contributing to lack of economic development
    in some areas. Imo, calling these countries undeveloped is relative to
    these things, first and foremost. If you are going to compare these
    countries to your own without taking that into account, it’s pretty
    inaccurate and smacks of cultural colonialism.

  14. afr0disiac

    asia is a massive region so you can’t really generalize, there’s S korea,
    japan n taiwan who r considered to be 1st world ( and china ranking 3rd on
    the nominal GDP scale), as well as 2nd and 3rd world countries showing
    unprecedented growth and industrialisation. The guy in the vid gettin the
    tat is of japanese heritage and their work ethic has resulted in an HDI
    rating higher than the US and 2nd highest GDP in the world, so the need to
    be 100% all the time has obviously had results

  15. mycoolgoodvideos

    omg this tattoo is beast…even though im not a first son i would want that
    tattoo just because how it looks

  16. KidFrom106

    The way of the katana handle has been done wrong… its suppose to look
    like a diamond shape.

  17. callmecrizzle

    sweet tattoo.

  18. gtpluvr

    Cool tat!

  19. alex420ism

    @walrus88011 of course theres nothing better than a girl with smarts and
    whos cute!!!:)

  20. roguetrooper16

    cool te? bende taki mia?

  21. caroncarol

    its ? (zhang) not chou.

  22. Spectre17

    @JaMaph actually quite a big curve, that one looks more like a straight
    ninja sword.

  23. SailsOfSharon

    Yes, I think I can comment on your intelligence based on your stupid posts.
    I don’t need to know you to do that. Your posts are more than enough. I
    never said JAPANESE strictness was a mistake you idiot. I meant the
    strictness in MANY Asian countries or populations. Pay attention to the
    content you idiot. What the hell does South Africa have to do with
    this?!?!?!?!?! You idiot.

  24. pimpinnevaslipin

    groovy tattoo FTW!!!

  25. SailsOfSharon

    Oh, pls, one or two countries in asia are well developed, but what about
    the rest. Asian continent is huge. Any progress beside one or two of these
    countries?!?!?!?! Are u stupid?

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