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Lifeguard Justin has a smart and artistic idea for a tattoo that can identify him as having type one diabetese that incorporates a lot of traditional tattoo …

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Surfer’s Diabetic ID”

  1. Becca Nolan

    Corey is a fucking boss!

  2. XxsexypantsxX94

    not really. diabetics have to wear an identification bracelet/necklace, so
    if they’re in an accident paramedics know to take special precautions. I’m
    diabetic, and I constantly lose my i.d. bracelet. so I think it’s a great

  3. crailtapthatshit

    such a sick design, especially free hand too

  4. KareenCasey


  5. 2846sauve

    im getting a tattoo in the same spot, its gunna be major 😀

  6. Pannef

    I have a friend whose dance instructor is HIV positive and got a tattoo to
    reflect that. I think that’s incredibly commendable, since if he was in a
    car accident or something they’d immediately know to take special

  7. skatinpk

    @poopersooper123 diabedes deals with sugar not ink…

  8. Elle Boni

    Type 1 diabetes (or diabetes mellitus) is a life-long autoimmune disease
    that usually occurs in childhood but can be diagnosed at any age. Type 1
    diabetes is caused by the immune system mistakenly turning on itself,
    destroying beta cells within the pancreas and removing the body’s ability
    to produce insulin. Insulin allows the body to process sugar to create
    energy, without insulin, the body literally starves as it cannot process

  9. madmum23

    lets just hope his arm isnt bitten off by a shark lol! good tatt!

  10. comathegrim

    me too! yay! our pancreas’ are usless! ^_^

  11. MboredNbad

    this guy is too good

  12. funbagproductions

    im type 1 diabetic =)

  13. Brooklynn Heppler

    I have type one diabeties and I have to take shots 13 to 15 times a day my
    doctor said that is normal amount of shots to keep it under control

  14. Kateryna Pemberton

    I’m diabetic too!!!

  15. DevilChild2211

    my mum was a paramedic and paramedics are trained to look on the neck,
    wrist or arm for ID towards certain medical conditions (:

  16. hype236

    i like the tattoo. maybe not the placement cuz it hurts like a bitch. but
    good for him on putting it there.

  17. Alex Christian

    what if he passes out wearing a long sleeved shirt ?

  18. crazygirlweird

    aw my daddys diabetic (lol im a total daddys girl)

  19. Diana Encina

    Im 14 and have had diabetes for 4yrs…once i turn 18 in getting a tattoo
    just like this 😀

  20. uTubeMakaMeLaugh

    Hunting Beach, yessir.

  21. JackLePenne

    dog-tags are made to resist shrapnel, skin isn’t…and it would be good if
    everyone actually liked getting tattoos done, but that doesn’t happen, but
    I do agree that if by any chance a paramedic actually sees that, and it
    saves his life, its a good idea, I just don’t believe it will ever happen,
    thats all.

  22. GFACE83

    Nice comment dude i just got a medical symbol tattoo for diabetes type 1.
    It is way to easy to lapse when life goes wrong and i appreciate hearing it
    from someone else!!! Makes me feel normal again lol!!!!

  23. cammo54321

    @romblac7 he is a diabetic, not a hemophiliac you fucking retard.

  24. Melaisis

    Remember that he’s not just doing it to tell the paramedics. He also wants
    something cool too.

  25. bmrcutiepie

    That is probably one of the most helpful tattooes ever.

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