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Get more LA Ink at This back piece inspires Tom to chase his dream of becoming an artist.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: Avidas Dollars”

  1. Brittney Cortes

    I didn’t like it the tat

  2. Tiffany Wilson

    I know exactly the pain of which you speak! Lol. It hurts soooo bad but its
    always worth it!

  3. ivar danielsen

    awkward hug at the end

  4. casjack13

    ” I put it in in her hands and she made a master piece.” Mm. Mmhm?

  5. Trayvone Copeland

    look at his face he look like he bout to cry

  6. martinhazy

    @Guitar5hit Oh, are you sure? Phrase Avida Dollars was created from name
    Salvador Dali, just change position of letters Salvador Dali and you get
    Avida Dollars. If he can spell Salvador Dali he must know how to spell
    Avida Dollars right? But he can’t so probably have no idea …

  7. Tommy Diamond

    depends on what you get really

  8. Norberts Eihlers

    kat is sexy

  9. brekg19

    lol I bet. These are the times I wish I was rich.

  10. Lmpfapo1

    That’s me in real life. They aren’t even THAT rude. Besides, you have to
    admit, regardless of the show being on air or not, that is a stupid way of
    going about tattooing. And the second comment was more of a joke than being

  11. bettiep

    hot, hot, hot! I love her! I miss the show already!

  12. mikeyray68

    wow. blonde is deffff her hair color

  13. cameron horton

    @13topich lmao

  14. BonkersBonnieRed

    @brekg19 Last I heard it was 500dollars per hour. But her waiting list is
    so big that its unlikely you will ever get in her seat.

  15. Lmpfapo1

    I getcha. Although, the original comment made it out to be that you have to
    audition to get a tattoo by her, not get a tat and be on the show. Also, I
    was using rude words because the idea of that is stupid and it conveys my
    distaste for such a way of going about it.

  16. Bigo Dick

    okay i lied she only tatted one of the balls with her penis

  17. Eliza Brownson

    yeah she definitely does amazing tattoos, but there are also a lot of other
    people that do amazing tattoos for a fraction of the price. I am definitely
    not doubting her artistic ability!

  18. Lee Medd

    @weezydapitbull you wish….so do i :)

  19. JeramyTheGirl

    This is where Kat’s looking her best, mellowed out flowy hair, strong
    make-up. She really does have style, and I consider her an artist.

  20. Lisa Marie

    Kat’s so cool!!!

  21. lucysha12

    a lot. they charge you extra to be on the show so i believe a couple grand.

  22. awt00

    i wish i could get a tat from her.

  23. e prz

    @brekg19 Well being an artist myself, it would depend on design, detail,
    size, location. You can call High Voltage and ask what her hourly rate is.
    Then go from there. I am sure she is booked pretty far out. Asking how much
    a tattoo costs, is like asking how much a car costs. So many things play
    into price. But I hope that helps

  24. Super Hitler

    shes so pale

  25. babyblackops

    next time i go to la im going to try and geta tat there of a wolf

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