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Hannah Tattoos Actor Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Jesse Metcalfe”

  1. xMrMetallica

    @chargedoymachine agreed, dude.

  2. Kerridee100

    @chargedoymachine proof that Americans will always be prudes…just saying.

  3. Michaelmop

    Hannah is fucking beautiful.

  4. mahiligsasuso

    I thought he was going to tattoo Eva Longoria lying on the table.

  5. googlexmaster

    I still watch this dude x) love this prog?

  6. Anabel Roy

    Totally true! I’m an art student and I was 17 when I first my first naked
    model. They gave us both male and female… I mean.. it’s a stupid drawing
    it’s not real life omggg it’s frustrating how many ignorant people are out
    there >.<

  7. angeleyes79gs

    he’s a douche bag…… and I loved when he got knocked the fuck out

  8. The Kiddo

    This tatto is odd,but the the true is HE IS CUTE!!

  9. xTwilightxRikux

    @tuchameanie nah most actors/actresses that have tattoos can get them
    covered up by the make-up artests. tats arent a real big deal in the film

  10. VforVellore

    Shutup and kiss me. Mm, what?

  11. SandraOlufsen

    Love that tattoo ! And Jesse is super hot *-*

  12. SmileMaker123

    its nadine coyle..aww i hated him when he cheated on her (allegedly) but
    after seeing this he has changed…take him back Nads

  13. Oceans Nathan Holsclaw

    IDIOT! ruining his skin. He was tattooless poreless tan muscular and
    perfect, WTF!!!

  14. hismastersvoice88

    What a prick

  15. TwiStedAngelNL

    Uhm. Okay. Let’s see… “I got my heart broken and I have always had the
    idea to get a tattoo, and now that my carreer as a model/actor has met such
    a low point, I’m Like, Fuck It, i want a tattoo.. ” Well, im sorry but
    that’s just one of the dumbest reasons ive heard for getting a tattoo like
    THAT one. I’m 100% sure that he’ll regret that decision. I always thought
    he was cool and neat. Now i dont.

  16. 872463051

    Sounds like he’s saying “no guys, seriously! I’m straight!!”

  17. Deblijeegel

    @Gentleman150M got to love holland!

  18. geeksrchic1368

    he is REALLY sexy!

  19. HeroOfTheSovietUnion

    did they honestly have to censor it? its art. come on.

  20. Stefan R.

    just a big idiot! His Tattoos are career stopper! What was his name??? 😉

  21. RockJay2NayMe

    thats what happens when we live conservatively!!!…. it suck

  22. BaByXgIrL

    He’s cute but not my type XD I don’t like the tattoo though……. a guy
    with a naked female on his body is a total turn off for me

  23. Sparrow4547yo

    O Jesse é muito lindo..

  24. marvelfett2

    So let me get this straight: This is the official Youtube page for a TLC
    show and they can’t even spell the actor’s name right? That’s quality stuff.

  25. isabellcarlick

    hes to pritty, not rugged.

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