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Corey feels the frustration as Laura comes into the shop for a tattoo of Thor’s Hammer…or maybe not. Will her indecision prevent her from a commitment? Wat…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: An Indecisive Girl”

  1. Jude Estrada

    it’s bullshit!!! hahahaha…?

  2. charlieflint

    Cute girl, but dumb as a bag of (Thor’s) hammers.?

  3. Zarah Edwards

    She kinda reminds me of Audrey kitching

  4. VakiPitsi

    She learned from her mistakes and wants to help others avoid doing the same
    shit. plus hers it’s barely noticeable because she’s already heavily

  5. kiki

    i’ve done this before xD

  6. Donald Malone

    Awesome respect for Kat to say (Do it for yourself )..

  7. Lauren Smith

    I love Kat Von D she’s so hot!

  8. persnikity12345

    Yeah I get that but I mean while he’s drawing it up and she’s in the
    shop..? :/

  9. Nagem1617

    are you shatting me? Once a customer is gone everyone I work with talk
    about the ones that made the most impression! It’s kinda like venting

  10. Nagem1617

    Never get a tattoo representing your bf/gf/whatever because if you
    split….it’s gonna be one HELL of a coverup. Thor’s hammer is badass, but
    she should have got it for herself not her bf

  11. beth holzapfel


  12. persnikity12345

    They shouldn’t have been talking about her behind her back like that.

  13. h8su1

    i bet she regrets the shit out of it now

  14. morningstarscrew

    That awkward moment when Kat tells another girl to not get a tattoo that
    would reference her boyfriend’s name AND then Kat gets a tattoo of her
    fiance’s (well, ex-fiance’s) fucking face. LOL.

  15. Dark91Secret

    this looks so fucked up…lie a little black spot on her back. everybody´s
    going to think she has skin cancer when they see this from distance… why
    the hell do you would like a tatoo like that

  16. daleincisions

    she’s a dumb shit for that….

  17. Biancaa MariAnne

    dumb ass

  18. Vaibhav Singh

    ok the lil tattoo was horrible.

  19. megannaito

    @Sone1ne how did he fuck it up?

  20. MrHockeeee

    I hope she got dumped for this!!!

  21. wwwwir1

    The tattoo sucks but her idea sucks so corey couldn’t make it any
    better.And she got it for the wrong reasons.

  22. TheEssenceOfCarrot

    She looks EXACTLY like Dianna Agron.

  23. rockin0NE

    i appreciate kate for being honest, rather than just wanting to make money!
    a tattoo still is and will always be a lifelong commitment and you don’t
    know what’s going to happen in the future and if you will be with this
    person forever.. and she even seems uncertain herself about her commitment,
    so i don’t think this was a good idea.

  24. Brihanna Siperly

    I don’t have tattoos of butterflies or stars, nor do I want them.
    Congratulations on judging an entire race based on a small portion of it.
    Nobody wants to copy you, don’t worry.

  25. Justmister white

    Weak !

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