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Hannah tattoos Kathryn’s beautiful peacock as a rememberance of her mother’s two and a half month coma and her amazing recovery. More LA Ink: http://go.disco…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink- Peacock Tattoo”

  1. MickeyAndMinnieMouseLover999

    I want a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Tattoo but my mother hates tattoos.
    This tattoo is beautiful:)
    when ever I heard the word “Peacock” I always think of Katy Perrys song
    Peacock lol?

  2. joshiedundee

    “Sinking ink into peoples skin with a needle” is an insanely hard form of
    art. You don’t criticize painters, or poets, because you’ve grown up being
    fed this bullshit that tattoo’s and piercings are associated with ‘bad
    people’ and poetry and paintings are associated with ‘good people.’
    Tattoo’s are a form of art and respectable tattoo artists make a shit load
    of money on a big piece. It’s their choice what they want to do with their
    life, not yours.

  3. Natale Strachan

    Omg that tattoo is just beautiful <3

  4. SoniaSephia

    This is just beautiful. :) And I love the meaning behind it.

  5. Lauren Smith


  6. Invidious Dellacroce

    Wow, such a hater. Get laid you ugly bitch.

  7. sisi süsü

    peacock is a symbol for resurrection and renewal

  8. ArtWalking TheTVShow

    SUZIE K has the peacock feather tattoos Body Painting Tori Two @
    charlestonartwalking on you tube – we paint tori with her lovely tats

  9. Tunjungbun

    i dont have any idea, why does this creature even watch this video.

  10. shiela putri

    That is one nice tattoo

  11. daleincisions

    beautiful girl .. beautiful tattoo

  12. Kupcake_kayla

    why did you watch a video about tattoos then?

  13. stealthassassin1990

    @JerryBrown1502 yea i’d be mad to if I was going to make a career out of
    working at Mcdonalds as well. douche bag.

  14. Josh Buchan

    @9011jwood It’s tv it’s all fake time, They’s tattoos take a good 5 – 20

  15. KikeYopo

    Nice :)

  16. Kelly Marie

    @norwenglish HAHA…the other guys..!

  17. jakeskinmodetatto


  18. dave williams

    is it me or theyre in a different shop

  19. IzabianchiAR

    Eles são muitooo fodass mesmo !! MUitooo bons !!

  20. emokid10152

    LA ink is way better than NY ink.

  21. birdcageOFfreedom

    That is absolutely gorgeous

  22. wildstylecadet

    I still don’t understand why it’s a peacock

  23. T-nah Marie

    You’re being seriously ignorant dude. For you to say such is highly
    inappropriate, and unnecessary. People like you are the reason why society
    is so ignorant. A lot of artists are actually educated, smarty. You have a
    problem with art? Gosh, what a stiff upper lip. It’s unfortunate you don’t
    see the beauty in it.

  24. jesikah1986

    The peacock mean courge. Brave. Strong . Fuerte. Thats why she got it.

  25. DjVader112

    excuse me but why are you here watching this? every tattoo is a form of art
    and holds meaning to each individual and if you can’t understand that then
    fuck you.

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