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Model Sabina Kelley comes in for a monster head pinup and shares her story of being outcasted for being a professional model with tattoos. Watch more LA Ink …

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: Frankenstein Beauty Queen”

  1. Alic3KillY0u

    I lov3 Kat Von D <3

  2. Emma Petrelli

    OMG I WANT HER HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ImmortalHardOn

    @maikeru01 i think if you get tats it should be full sleeve, otherwise it
    doesnt look as good. its also the main reason im not gettin a tat anytime
    soon- no money for a full sleeve

  4. Embcii Bee

    mhmmm Sabina Kelley, monster pin up zombie! SEXY! <3

  5. Amy Shannon

    @redazi1 shut up!

  6. jason ramsay

    @redazi1 i would..haha

  7. doinURmom609


  8. Madame Blows

    beautiful tattoo ;-*

  9. bibi4u200

    i love tattooed girls


    @redazi1 no girls with tattoos look sexy

  11. Harry Saunders

    never get a tattoo to try and be cool or different. get them because they
    mean something to you or you think they look good. dont try to make people
    think differently of you by getting them

  12. carbukoski

    belle fighe bye from italy

  13. hotrodrace

    @redazi1 What a stupid comment to make…….How old are you?

  14. XxXonelovex

    did she say “that and to remind me to stay true to my self and not turn
    into some of those KATTY girls”

  15. Apathy

    I got “I’m different” tattooed in block, capital letters on my forehead.
    Now nobody can tell me I conform.

  16. Emilia De Las Rosas

    Story of my life darling, story of my life. I understand you.

  17. Matheus Siqueira

    1:18 slayer skate. REIGN IN BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

  18. NightxAngell

    @maikeru01 I get what you’re saying and you’re right, but I don’t think
    they’re trying to say that just having a bunch of tattoos makes you an
    individual. It’s each different tattoo that’s individual obviously because
    it has its own special meaning to its owner and no two are the same. It
    just looks like a bunch of blotches to others but to the owner it doesn’t.
    I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re getting at.

  19. Adrian Caldeira

    i like her drawing!

  20. rawr57597

    I?Sabina Kelley (blonde chick getting tattoo) and Kat Von D ? More
    beautiful women should have tattoos

  21. XNegativeJ

    @susangrewal86 U Madd bro. Kat von D is a frickin ledgend

  22. FallenAngel4689

    @maikeru01 It’s not just about being different its also about remembering
    something and having it everywhere you go. sure people get them to be
    different and that shouldn’t be concerning you since its not your arm face
    leg or back right? On your body you can make your decisions. As a tattoo
    artist people have really good reasons and most of the time it means
    something to them not just hey im feeling random lets get a tat 😛 which is
    fine too i mean its your canvas lol as cheesy as that is 😛

  23. Venere Veritas

    urmm try a tlc professional video camera.. that joke is older than my great
    grandmother. and shes dead, just like that joke

  24. MusicalAndTall

    Tatts on chicks is tops! 10/10!

  25. bigsleep32

    @MyEnime Wow you are so profound and deep mr 22 year old with tattoos tell
    us more about life and popular culture.

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