Andrea’s Mermaid Sleeve Posted by admin on December 1st, 2013 | Comments (25) |

After her friend’s passing from breast cancer, surfer Andrea has a vibrant mermaid sleeve created in her likeness.…

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25 Responses to “Andrea’s Mermaid Sleeve”

  1. Eva Marie

    So beautiful! Nearly cried! True friendship right there!?

  2. alexandros papadopoulos

    the best sleeve i’ve ever seen!!!!?

  3. jfk pcity

    mean az?

  4. Nas B.

    shit is almost made me cry then i realized I have alot of make up on so…

  5. Ally Macwhirter


  6. Alagueesia

    Oh my God it is soooo beauuutiful

  7. Jordan Ruggles

    one of the most beautiful tattoos i have ever seen, on a beautiful women
    for her beautiful best friend. made me cry!

  8. iLickedUrSkittles

    Made me cry, won’t lie. That was touching.

  9. Anna McKittrick


  10. DeeDee K.

    That’s a beautiful tattoo. I like how people have a reason to get a
    beautiful tattoo and not just “I’m gonna get a tattoo just because I’m

  11. TerrorxwithxMascara

    the artist is Hannah Aitchison. She has a shop in her home city, Chicago.

  12. Genesis Espinoza

    what is the name of the tattoo artist? i want to google her shop.

  13. daleincisions

    Wow! beautiful imagery! and she survived for a long hours sleeve, amazing!
    I got mine 2 days session with my sleeve tats, she’s absolutely strong &
    gorgeous inside out…

  14. Donna Cometa

    That’s a beautiful tattoo! And such a great way to remember someone

  15. emmy

    where can i find a picture of the tattoo?

  16. Mrtoomzy

    how does someone become that ridiculously talented?! look at the light rays
    on the dolphin, amazing!

  17. hopization

    she is a badass tattoo artist! i would love work done by her.

  18. TheAlexamary1

    Never again will I judge someone for having a tattoo. This is absolutely
    beautiful. She is a true friend,

  19. Ronald Lay

    What a beautiful tattoo and touching story. Nearly cried during the video,
    that girl is the best friend anyone could have.

  20. AllweknowisPhil

    shes such an awesome friend! :’)

  21. Suraj Prasad

    i need a bio leg please tell me procedure because i have lost my right leg

  22. dunnowottocallmyself

    Omg this is so touching

  23. MichelleseaChelle

    I just can’t believe how incredible that tattoo is. Sooooooooo vibrant and
    detailed. love it.

  24. AlphaBrody

    again Utorak

  25. Eli Mza

    Hannah is awesome with color tattoos

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