FIRST IMPRESSION: KAT VON D LOCK IT TATTOO FOUNDATION [FAIR SKIN] [DRY SKIN] Posted by admin on November 30th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

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  1. Fitness Is My Motto

    you’re so beautiful ugh i’m incredibly jealous :(?

  2. NiKKiSTiXX1985

    this helped me so much because my skin is exactly like yours so im glad i
    went to sephora and got a sample. i cant wait to try it tomorrow! 😀 btw it
    looks beautiful on you:)?

  3. FashionSchoolDropout

    Wow, your face is naturally flawless.?

  4. ruthie617

    You’re hysterical!! And gorgeous?

  5. Jennifer Lane

    i really want to try this, but because i’m a college student and i don’t
    have that much money to spend on myself :( anyone know the cheap
    alternative? ?

  6. Shaneill Floyd-Wlazlak

    I tried and used this foundation until I finished the bottle, in the
    lightest shade (the discontinued one!) I was a huge fan of the coverage and
    how well it matched my fair skin. I do find that over time the foundation
    oxidizes and becomes very powdery on your skin. Not just powdery in feel
    but really cakey and dusty after a few months. I’m not sure why. I’ve had a
    few friends who are huge fans of the product that feel the same way. My one
    friend who still uses this foundation mixes it with a moisturizer once it
    oxidizes. ?

  7. Kayla Means

    I have been searching for the perfect foundation for years that will last
    on me and get rid if the redness. I have tried countless foundations and
    this one seems the most promising, can’t wait to try it!?

  8. ivyhageman

    You sold me on the foundation. And you got a new subscriber!?

  9. sarah seda

    You are gorgeous and hilarious! Loved the video?

  10. Lola Suarez

    Omg you had me laughing so hard I had to watch it twice! Hilarious…..?

  11. XOXOMareena

    Awesome video! You had me cracking up when you put it on haha?

  12. Yanina Hernandez

    Where is this foundation from and can I use this to do wedding makeup??

  13. Linda Humberto

    Lmao love your reaction to when you first applied it because i did the same
    thing when i first applied it hahaha it took me a few times to get the
    right amount.

  14. Cassie Fraser

    This looks so amazing! I’m so excited to have just discovered you on
    youtube! :) xx

  15. Lisa Jane

    Nooo! On eBay right now someone’s selling for £42 lmao, which is $70.59
    Canadian dollars. I think that’s taking the mick! Same with the Maybelline
    Fit Me stick, it doesn’t come in porcelain over here. Lightest here is 115
    ivory, which was literally highlighter orange on my hand :/. Doesn’t make
    sense. Fangirling a wee bit at you replying to me btw :3

  16. baileybeauty

    There is nothing comparable! This foundation is seriously amazing.

  17. baileybeauty

    That sample will last you legit a month.

  18. baileybeauty


  19. baileybeauty

    I’m glad I light up your life.

  20. baileybeauty

    Its so hard to find pale foundations! I got it from old navy probably 6 or
    7 years ago, haha.

  21. baileybeauty

    Its China Glaze’s Pelican Gray

  22. baileybeauty

    Its so amazing I dont know what I did before this.

  23. baileybeauty

    I have that in common with her!

  24. baileybeauty

    You cant get it online?? oh noooooo!

  25. baileybeauty

    lil porcelain doll

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