Aubry Fisher Talks New Show and LA Ink Posted by admin on November 30th, 2013 | Comments (19) |

Aubry Fisher talks about her new show which is in development as we speak, and helps us understand a little better why she no longer is part of Kat Von D’s L…

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19 Responses to “Aubry Fisher Talks New Show and LA Ink”

  1. Pao Lokilla


  2. Gaetano Profeta

    She’s horrid looking. Those teeth holy cow. Snag tooth bandit. She’s not
    easy on the eyes at all.


    yup i know her in sl the one place where u can get away acting towards ur
    boss liek she did to cat

  4. Sarah Jade King


  5. Valeshia Lloyd

    I dont like her either i just dont get why did they put her on the show

  6. Tha Scarecro

    @RamboAmber101 She ruined the show. Seems like the producers let her hang
    around for the drama and the show changed from just about tattoos to drama
    with this cunt. She ugly as sin too.

  7. callum bartle

    i have met aubry she is not as bad as she is on tv but i still woudent want
    to be in a room with her for more then 10 mins the girl likes to chat

  8. Deana Sears

    she looks like jar jar binks. ugly mofo

  9. Kristian Holt

    Lay off d bags. She’s pretty annoying but I don’t hate her cause her whole
    point on la ink was to be disliked. Don’t buy there Hollywood b.s. She’s
    not nearly as annoying in real life..

  10. jigglypuffxDdawg

    she an actress?

  11. Rachel

    She’s an embarrassment to the female sex

  12. Tha Scarecro

    @jigglypuffxDdawg You didnt know that from the show LA ink?

  13. RamboAmber101

    Does anyone actually like this wench? LOLOL talentless hack

  14. Jhonatan5

    This girl looks like a shemale. Shes ugly as fuck.

  15. MrGaryo78

    i would like to go deep sea fishing with her, and use her for shark bait

  16. LawtownBx71

    shes a dj on second life her name is ladjgirl

  17. theultimateninja

    i came to just say she’s and idiot and a retard.

  18. Parrotluver2

    isn’t that something Aubry came to L.A ink and prooved that blonde bimbo’s
    do really exist lmafo and now she is famous with all kinds of deals in the
    works and she sure looks different here i wanted her as a pet LOL

  19. keyman527

    I quit watching that crap ass show when she left …….

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