4 Different Looks with Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book Sephora Demo Tutorial Posted by admin on November 29th, 2013 | Comments (24) |

expand me* This video consists of 4 (four) separate looks using the Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book, exclusive to Sephora for Holiday 2013. Each different look is demoed separately…

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24 Responses to “4 Different Looks with Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book Sephora Demo Tutorial”

  1. curlywavydiane

    thanks for watching

  2. Kat Sm-Wo

    I recently bought this palette and am overwhelmed so it is awesome to see
    your looks. Thanks, much brighter etc than |I am used to!

  3. curlywavydiane

    thank you so much. i plan on doing more videos like this with other
    palettes soon =) thank you for subscribing!! i understand what you mean
    about certain looks- they are beautiful but very intricate and hard to
    achieve. i like more simple most of the time also =)

  4. cattyblue21

    I love, love , love the way u did this tutorial. I love playing with make
    up but sometimes I feel on yt, application has become so tedious and
    difficult, with 100 brushes and 10 different palettes lol. U r a girl after
    my own heArt :) subscribed.

  5. curlywavydiane

    thank you!

  6. Regina C

    Love every look.

  7. curlywavydiane

    thank you for the sweet compliments! glad you enjoyed the video..have fun
    playing =)

  8. bluesue100

    Thanks for doing this. Video. I’ve had this and. Needed some ideas. Can’t
    wait to try them. Your videos are easy to understand and enjoy watching
    your. Videos

  9. curlywavydiane

    aawww thank you sooo much!!! =D you can tone down any dark or super vivid
    color by using a highlighter shade over it to make it suitable for you.
    this is a gorgeous palette and the VIB sale starts nov 7 just sayin 😉 LOL

  10. curlywavydiane

    you’re welcome! have fun playing!!! =)

  11. curlywavydiane

    ligotech webcam..it was like 20 bucks lol

  12. curlywavydiane

    thank u for the compliment =)

  13. curlywavydiane

    i don’t use nars sorry

  14. curlywavydiane

    thank u =)

  15. curlywavydiane


  16. RCsMom4

    So I think these colors are beautiful, but very intimidating to me as
    eyeshadow colors. But you have made them so wearable and pretty on that now
    I want them….thanks Diane, you can be a bad influence
    sometimes…j/k…lol…seriously you did an amazing job with these!!

  17. CocoLeileigh

    Thanks Diane !!! I’ve had this palette for about 2 weeks and just keep
    staring at it ,lol ! I had no idea what I was going to do but, you gave me
    some great ideas .

  18. Angela Ryan

    what kind of camera do you use

  19. Angela Ryan

    Hi Diane I have been eyeballing this palette but I ended up buying the Nars
    one night stand blush palette. do you have that? if so can you do a review.
    I love this style of video 4 in 1. great job its beautiful

  20. TwiLeigh Kamikita

    I love the green look X3 it looks so nice on you :)

  21. journeythroughthree


  22. curlywavydiane

    thank you =) this is one of my favorite palettes i EVER bought- i totally
    recommend. they last and don’t budge until you wash it off when worn on top
    of eye primer. i haven’t worn them without eye primer so i can’t say wear
    without one

  23. CoolInOlympia

    I love how you have so much fun with your makeup! So it looks like you are
    liking this pallette! Might have to get it with Friends and family…. Do
    the shadows last all day, as well? Thanks!

  24. curlywavydiane

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