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http://followmarla.blogspot.com, follow me, Marla’s life, Kat Von D Rehab Priming Elixir, Take a look at a fabulous primer that is a treat for my skin.

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16 Responses to “Kat Von D Rehab Priming Elixir”

  1. kaynadianbeauty xo

    I had to go back to when you said you were 52 because I was thinking late
    30’s! Lovely ?

  2. Marla Robinson

    Glad this review was helpful and thank you for your kind comment.

  3. Demyxcloneone

    Wow, you are so beautiful. This review was very helpful! Thanks!

  4. Marla Robinson

    Wendy- I’m still using this and loving it but it may or may not be what
    you’re looking for in a primer. This gives my skin a nice smooth canvas to
    apply my makeup but it acts more like a moisturizer. If you’re looking for
    a primer to fill in pores or wrinkles ,not too sure you’d be happy with
    this. The Kat Von D primer doesn’t have the typical silicone slimy feel of
    most primers. It feels more like a lightweight moisturizer going on your

  5. Wendy Nemer Coleman

    Thanks Marla!! That does help me alot.. I have always had oily skin but as
    I get wiser (lol) will be 52 on the 15th.. I am more combo skin.. I think
    it would fit the bill for the warmer weather I could forgo a moisturizer..
    (Texas can be brutal in the summer lol) I will head to Sephora in the next
    couple of weeks :)

  6. Madison Skylar Karimi

    your videos are beautiful as a young makeup artist myself i strongly take
    into consideration your advice you give a really nice in depth insight on
    each product from how it feels to what i look like to how it goes on and
    how it looks after blending with your own natural oils i really appreciate
    the hard work you put into these videos , also could i make a request for
    your tips for others on how to control oily skin? Thank You So Much Marla :)

  7. Nancy Drewblood

    Your 52! You are gorgeous! I hope I’m so lucky…Thanks for the review

  8. Marla Robinson

    My best advice to anyone with oily skin is- 1. cleanse your face am/pm with
    a gently cleanser. Don’t over wash your face or use too many scrubs/masks
    that dry out your skin. This can actually cause more oil to be produced. 2.
    blotting papers can sometimes help if used throughout the day 3. don’t be
    afraid to moisturize your skin If it’s really becoming bothersome, I would
    talk to a dermatologist who can prescribe products that may help. Big Plus-
    Oily skin usually wrinkles less 😉

  9. Marla Robinson

    Ha! Thank you.

  10. Marla Robinson

    If you need something to fill your pores this is not the primer for you. It
    gives me a nice smooth canvas and moisturizes my skin but I really don’t
    notice any pore filling benefits. Take a look at BareMinerals Prime Time or
    Too Faced Primed and Poreless. The next time you’re at Sephora, test these
    out-go without makeup, apply the primers and walk around the mall for
    awhile. Then go outside in the sun and look at your pores. Trial and error
    is the best way to find out what works for you.

  11. Marla Robinson

    I hope you like it. Next time you are at Sephora, go “makeupless” and put
    some of this on your face to try. Walk around and shop awhile and see if
    you like the way it feels on. I really love this because it gives my skin
    moisture without the oil, and it doesn’t have the slimy feel of other
    primers. I actually just bought another container of this today, ha! Thanks
    for watching!

  12. StangJenn

    You look amazing! I loved hearing your opinions on this primer. I have
    super oily skin, and have tried SO many different primers, but have yet to
    find one that really works for me. After watching your video, this primer
    is definitely next on my list of primers to try!

  13. Wendy Nemer Coleman

    You still loving this?

  14. aTimeAsThis

    I’m making note of those two. I’ll have to try them soon. Thanks!

  15. AnjoliWijangco

    you have a new subby :)

  16. aTimeAsThis

    Aha! Found your Kat Von D video. (I got your reply. Thx.) Question: How
    does this work for filling in your pores?

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