Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation: Review I F.I.F Update: Tips I Brushes I Etc. Posted by admin on November 27th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Have you seen my last video? “Brush Review: NARS Ita VS. MAC 163 – Which One is Worth Buying??” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06b4ni6ywu4 Top: H&M Hair: Nu…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation: Review I F.I.F Update: Tips I Brushes I Etc.”

  1. rachelleyoung83

    I’m a little bit confused as to why you like it when it requires so much
    maintenance. That’d be a downright turnoff for me!?

  2. thewifeybea

    what was with the random preface about your hair? Why do you feel the need
    to explain that you will be getting a hair cut, as if you’re trying to
    appease the people who comment negatively about your hair? who gives a crap
    about them!?

  3. KageBeauty55

    Can you do a tutorial on this eye look(:?

  4. hannaloveslife

    Thanks for the tips!! I watch all your videos, it’d mean a lot to me if
    you’d watch my recent video I posted of my cute 21 month old son!! ?

  5. Jessica Bystricky

    Hello ladies :) I just started my YouTube channel, I have 2 makeup looks
    for fall up, check them out!:) ?

  6. kayla kayla

    this makeup looks so good when i first put it on but after about an hour or
    so it creases SO bad on me! i like 20+ years older because it makes me look
    like i have wrinkles in my laugh lines due to creasing. I now have este
    lauder double wear and it is amazing :)?

  7. Kelly Walton

    Have you ever tried using milk of magnesium under your makeup? Kind of a
    weird thing to get used to doing but ever since I started applying it I
    don’t get oily at all no matter what kind of foundation I wear. ?

  8. ChaChaDiaries

    for everyday I mix a small amount of this with my Garnier bb cream just for
    the problem areas. I have some scaring on my cheeks and redness and it
    works great. the rest of the face is light but just focused on my problem
    spots. ?

  9. Cara Jackson

    Thank you so much for actually doing this, it really means a lot! I finally
    bought this foundation, and it’s amazing!!?

  10. Mandapanda59

    What blotting sheets do you use? ?

  11. Tasha Castro

    Love your F.I.F videos girly! I might try this foundation out. Do you think
    it will be good for dry skin? ?

  12. BabzieJean


  13. rachelectric

    I’m glad to see an update of what you think of it! I’ve used it on and off
    in samples, and I bought a full size during the VIB sale, but I just
    returned it over the weekend. It has awesome coverage, but dang, is it ever
    hard to work with! I’ve tried multiple ways, and I always end up with a
    weird patch on at least one spot on my face. I got really oily with it too.
    It’s like a love/hate relationship! lol ?

  14. Sandra Martinez

    Can you do a review on Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, plz??

  15. Gundula Williams

    I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time. I don’t have a Sephora near
    me :(?

  16. Grace Howell?3

    I’m sorry that you have rosacea, my mom has and she’s had a hard time with
    it. I wish you luck, but it looks like you’ve been taking care of it well!?

  17. Jj Downey

    PLZ do an FIF on the d.j.v beautenizer fiberwibg LX mascara!!!! It curls my
    lashes really well without using a curler and I thinks you’d really like

  18. Leah Belverd

    Ive found that mixing in a small squirt of the kat von d w one of my other
    more liquidy foundations *like makeup forever hd* then it works great. I
    get the coverage wout cake face.?

  19. Brittany Myers

    I went to Sephora and did the Color IQ and I was matched with this
    foundation and the Benefit hello flawless one and I wasn’t sure which one
    to get a sample of and since I have dry skin the lady recommended the
    Benefit one so this foundation is definitely more for oily skin.?

  20. sherrie nostromo

    she’s so lady like :P?

  21. sophiealana318

    You are the definition of perfection?

  22. Esther Chervinsky

    could you do a video when you get a new haircut? not sure what to do with
    mine. i do need a change though haha?

  23. sweetcarolineful

    Can you please do a comparison of the mac prep+prime powder with the makeup
    forever super matte loose powder and the urban decay de slick powder? I
    would love to hear your opinion. Love you Casey :)?

  24. Macy Potter

    is that the foundation you are wearing right now??

  25. Laura Hobbs

    I love this foundation too and agree with everything you said, it is
    intense and can look cakey if you don’t take the time and effort to blend
    blend blend! I have been using the elf small stipple brush cause I have
    been to lazy to go buy a good brush set haha but it works really well.
    Isn’t it amazing though every time you apply it it’s fun to watch any
    redness or blemishes vanish completely!?

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