LA Ink- Addicted to Junk Food Posted by admin on November 25th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

For more, visit | The High Voltage crew confronts Arianna about her eating habits.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink- Addicted to Junk Food”

  1. Karima Gyan

    i thought this was my strange addictions not LA ink who gives a fuck…..
    if she wants to eat it.. go ahead

  2. Kaylee Jones

    Ok I’m sorry, but they’re overreacting.

  3. teomin

    you can eat junk food but they should be consume in moderate amount

  4. DBZdrawing

    Leave the girl alone. I hate that the media portrays the image where
    EVERYONE has to eat nothing but salad. God forbid someone should bring in a
    proper meal, then everyone gangs up on her and makes her feel like shit.

  5. AVXProductions

    This is the Golden age of television people ……..fuck our lives lol…

  6. nobleheight

    Um. TLC is trying to be MTV.


    sorry but if a guy eats a salad I’m calling him a pussy, simple as that!
    Eat healthy if fine but salad, in public, I will kick your ass!

  8. mardisaurus

    It’s just about having a balance, if she wants chilli cheese fries once in
    a while, thats fine, you need fat in your diet, it’s just about keeping
    things mixed, dont eat to much of one thing :) Everyone shouldn’t have
    attacked her like that.

  9. cutie3395

    @DiversePersona okay then very mature. (also i am the whitest girl in my

  10. Yurin Mendoza

    I really like Kat’s nose :3

  11. vivoavacato


  12. Jay'Da Transon

    @tamithomas what do you meean?

  13. Aarongrubbworm

    watching this while full is the way to go…so i don’t go crazy in the

  14. walterdesu


  15. randall petermann

    eat the damn fries

  16. Adrian Bleakney


  17. wickedqueenamanda

    OMG chili cheese fries are going to hurt her kidneys…. wait, what?! Let
    the girl eat what she wants, hell, chili has a lot of fiber so it’s not
    going to be in her system long anyway LOL

  18. millenium2003

    Those women look filthy and STD infested

  19. Betsy Espinoza

    WOW, its just like mean girls. or like jawbreaker. hahaha Poor girl she’s
    not even fat.

  20. thequazify

    who the frick cares if she’s eating chillli cheese fries….Kat seems like
    such a judgmental douche…”I’ll walk away before I get frustrated”….who
    the hell are you to be annoyed with someone elses food habits?!

  21. Shr00mscross

    @DiversePersona , RACIST ASSHOLE!!!!!!

  22. Lovemonkeysxox

    are u serious…? who cares!!

  23. verbalassault87

    Thats y ur show got canned BITCH!!! Where’s ur salad now u shit head KATT

  24. Alex C

    they must be running out of content… why the fuck is this such a big
    deal, shes not obese and shes looks fine leave the damn girl alone

  25. londonpoppy

    Hey Kat, You have a relationship with someone who cheated on his wife and
    you’re gonna judge someone who eats chilifries? Get your priorities

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