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Hello my beautiful fwiends! Realistically, this video should have been up 3 days ago, but the technology Gods decided to take a huge dump on me and make it a…

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25 Responses to “High Coverage Foundation Routine Using Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation + A Drugstore Spin”

  1. MokaTutu

    I just started using the Kat Von D foundation and really like it!!! My skin
    just kicked me in the butt and decided to go from oily combo to combo dry.
    So my huge stash of face products isn’t working for me now!! So I bought
    that foundation and mix it with the Revlon ColorStay for combo/dry skin on
    my drier areas. Unfortunately the acne prone part of my skin description
    decided to stick around anyway but the Kat Von D isn’t irritating it :)?

  2. armani cooper

    u look like kitty from glee?

  3. Marcia Pze

    AMAZING! I loved how you gave us two options to choose from! I will like to
    see a video about what to buy and what not to buy for this time of year
    because sometimes is very difficult to decide which product is worth the
    while. The other video is to see how to do a cat eye and also how to curl
    you eyelashes correctly because my eyelashes are flat and I have to spend a
    lot of time curling them. Thank you and you look gorgeous!?

  4. Mitch Schvab

    I would like to see diferent foundations routines please do more drugstore,
    thanks for the video! … can you do a tutorial how to coverage
    hyperpigmantation it would be awsome!?

  5. lisa p

    I keep 5 foundations in rotation (go ahead sing along with wale) usually
    two high end and three drugstore and that 3 in 1 really performs just as
    good as my guerlain lingerie de pou (sp?). Each of my 5 have a different
    use when i run out of my high end full coverage I might try the kat von d.
    Love you girlie every time you show up in my feed im reminded of how much I
    miss your beautiful face?

  6. debi5202

    Yay your back, I love watching your videos you give the best advise
    especially for someone like me that is learning how to apply makeup the
    correct way, thank you so much for taking the time out to make this video.
    I would love to see more videos using neutral eye shadows. I want to create
    a look for the holidays but not too over the top. Thank you again for all
    you do, I apprciaite you. Don’t stay away too long you are missed:) Have a
    good week:)?

  7. Teresa Payne

    Always excited to see a new video from you! This video was very
    helpful…we have very similar skin type and color. Also just realized you
    are almost at 50,000 subs…congrats in advance! Thank you for always
    inspiring me…love you! <3?

  8. sanja tusevska

    I like this kind of make up on you irina,you are such an ispiration for
    me,and i realy like to watch your videos because i always learn some new
    things from you.biiiiiggg hugg from me ;-)?

  9. Seema R

    Love how you did two looks in the same vid and it wasn’t long at all! Thank
    you for such excellent, well produced videos! Love from Toronto :) and yes
    more pls?

  10. lpm827

    another awesome and informational video, thanks for sharing ur expertise
    with us all, much appreciated! Keep up the great work, looking forward to
    ur next video!!!?

  11. Rachel Thome

    so you even look gorgeous without any make-up on. so unfair! your skin is
    flawless and your eyes are so blue! i love your videos! thanks for the
    info..ive been thinking about getting kat von d lock it for a long time i
    just wasnt sure if it was worth the price?

  12. Mnrodgers1

    Hey hey! I just wanted to know your opinion on the Revlon Miricle Blur’s
    ability to combat oil on the skin…does it help with that or does it only
    help with pores??

  13. vianet nunez

    I have a lot of freckles as well as scarring on my face and it is so hard
    to find a foundation that actually covers up without looking cakey so now
    that you mentioned how full coverage the Kat Von D foundation is i need it
    in my life! lol?

  14. elayexoxo

    Help ! I have huge pores !-___- & foundation only accentuates them but I
    love wearing it :/ I’ve tried different primers & even the loreal miracle
    blur but nothing works.. ?

  15. mushakalaka

    So I had a thought of what I would like to see from you… I know u do
    other peoples make up I would like to see u do that maybe like a bride make
    up tutorial on one of ur friends or someone that is willing to be filmed!!
    Idk just thought that would be cool!?

  16. Jodi Davis

    Could you recommend (or do a tutorial) on a drugstore routine that will
    give you a matte/semi-matte look for dry skin that won’t dry you out as you
    wear it? I love the Covergirl 3n1, but by the end of the day, my face feels
    so dry, especially in the wintertime. I am even willing to buy mutiples to
    mix if you know of two that work really well together so I’m not wasting
    money trying them. I am horrible at mixing products myself. I could never
    be a chemist.?

  17. Lynn Llanza

    Thanks for showing how you’d use the Ben Nye powders. How ’bout more
    tutorials on highlighting & contouring with both drug store & high end
    products? That be awesome! ?

  18. Amanda Marie

    Can you please do a video on what colors look better on darker skin tones!
    I’m a caramel type of skin done and I’m not sure what eye shadows and
    lipsticks would look good on me. Lol I’m scared of color! ?

  19. Angelique Thompson

    You are so awesome, I really enjoy watching your videos. I’ve learned quite
    a few things from your videos already. Thank you for your time and quality
    of your videos.?

  20. Sara Russell

    I definitely want to see more foundation videos. I’m just about out of my
    bare minerals foundation now and I think I need to try something new but
    I’m afraid to because I just have the worst luck with foundation. I’m as
    white as a piece of paper and have redness on my cheeks. I need
    suggestions. ?

  21. coco sanders

    Very nice! So this is a good foundation for dry skin? And yes my big eyes
    do the same thing. Because I have bags under my eyes I have to look down so
    to speak to do my under eye concealer ?

  22. Malibu Barbie

    You make amazing videos.. very clear and informative… but only one
    thing.. your lighting washes u off… I cant see colors clearly… if you
    can work on ur lighting we can see better wat ur doing… :) keep up the
    good work girl?

  23. Brooke Tokar

    I was just wondering if you’ve had trouble with the Kat Von D foundation
    oxidizing? I have similar coloring as you and I used Light 44 but it seemed
    to get more golden as the day went on?? Maybe should have mixed with Light
    42.?? Anyhow great video thank you! :)))))?

  24. Megg Slack

    Love you irina! This is beautiful, iv been thinking about this for a long
    time and now I definitely need it in my life. Could you do a look using
    coppering from mac with another colour. I only seen to pair it with
    expensive pink! It’s my go to evening look because of my blue eyes. But I’d
    like to use it with another color for a twist! X?

  25. MichtyMaxx

    You’re looking buff & bananas today! ;p I love the bottle of the Kat von D
    Well, I think the eye bulging is only noticed when one looks at themselves
    on camera. When I’m fiddling with my eye & it’s bulging around, I don’t
    think I can see it. I saw myself put mascara on the other day while editing
    a tutorial and my eyes practically pop out of their sockets as I go
    bug-eyed and apply the wand to my roots! By the way I am massively in love
    with the Telescopic lashes from L’Oréal! I’ve been using for a couple of
    months and it totally rocks for length and not clumping.
    I’m really getting into false lashes & getting better at putting them on. I
    can always do my left eye first & perfectly but then the right eye gives me
    trouble when it comes to the inner corer! Why does it chuck such a hissy
    fit & be such a prima donna! I guess the angle is different & I think I’m
    going to try cutting lashes into 2 or 3 sections to put those on separately
    cause a half lash at the outer edge is so easy & doesn’t have problems
    curving around the old lashline o’ mine.?

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