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25 Responses to “Kat Von D “Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book” Review”

  1. HeatherReallyHearts

    Not only does she pair the colors to create looks but also to layer meaning
    you can combine the 2 shadows and create a whole new 3rd color. I did a
    full review on my channel ;)?

  2. PulchritudeandBrains

    Agree! I wanted to purchase this palette but when I looked at it in-store I
    passed because I like for my eyeshadow palette to have a good mix of
    wearable matte shadows in it for me to purchase it. If there aren’t enough
    mattes I know I won’t use it much and that’s just a waste of $$. Thanks for
    the review!?

  3. Elizabeth Martinez

    Do you ever do giveaways? I seriously want to try makeup geek but with 5
    kids and being a stay at home mom can’t really afford it. Everyone on here
    loves them tho! Thank you for your videos tho. And your weight loss journey
    has TRULY inspired me to start eating healthy and living healthy. ?

  4. Samantha Poe

    The colors are not paired to be worn together. It says it on the box as
    well as onthe inside cover of the palett. I have no idea why on reviews I
    keep hearing they are paired to be worn together. If you use this palette
    as intended it is an amazing palette. Yes, you may prefer an extra blending
    shade, but given the uniqueness of this concept, it is a wonderful and
    gorgeous investment. Most formulas only become muddy and splotchy if mixed.
    they can be blended together, but these are made to be worn over eachother
    to create an additional color! I love your channel, but please make sure
    you do even a tiny bit of research to give the items a fair review. You
    know as better than most YouTuble beauties that a whole lot of sweat and
    money and heart and passion goes into designing cosmetics.And you would be
    hurt to see that someone thought your eyeshadows were beautiful and
    pigmented but not the collection didn’t have a color that could be used as
    a blush.

    Sorry if that sounded ranty, Love your videos and think you are an amazing
    role model and inspiration. Your line is amazing and it has been a pleasure
    to watch it grow and know that your fans are cheering you on and
    appreciative of all your hard work. ?

  5. fazila sadiq

    I bought this palette and one thing you did not mention is that these
    colors are shade shifters.. Like if we mix the two colors give next to each
    other they give a beautiful new color… So this palette basically has 36
    shades to play with?

  6. Kim Richards

    I’ve been seriouslyyyy considering this palette, I’ve never been
    disappointed with anything from KVD! Especially her lock it foundation and
    ladybird palette… They are both just fabulous! I would love to see you do
    the perfect pallete tag Marlena! Xoxox?

  7. Marilyn Baumann

    The Odd Fellow color looks alot like Wet ‘n Wild color in the “Comfort
    Zone” pallette. I really like neutral colors as I am older and I think they
    look better on older skin..JMO:) BTW..thanks to all who responded to a
    question I had for Marlena..she never did answer me, but thanks to all of
    you who did and gave me lots of ideas to help find clothes for those of us
    who are a plus size yet.?

  8. Mel Burt

    I’m with you, I need more matte eyeshadows and I find Kat Von D’s palettes
    always skip out on them. I’ve got 3 of her palettes so far and I’m not
    planning on buying any more mainly because of the lack of mattes (the fact
    they’re not available in my country also contributes to me not purchasing
    more but that’s neither here nor there). ?

  9. Heavensblackrose

    The reason there paired up like that is because both colors Mixed make a
    new color.. She has a tutorial on Sephora’s channel using Oddfellow and
    Holy Bible. She also shows how to prevent the Teal Glitter from falling out
    from Oddfellow..

    I haven’t had any fall out since using this palette and I use it pretty
    much every time I do my makeup. I used it today on my lid and lower lash
    line (Color: Queen, over a black base).

    Name of the video is called: “How To Get The After Hours Smoky Eye Look by
    Kat Von D” (On Sephora’s YT Channel) She also uploaded a new tutorial using
    the same palette..?

  10. Skye Seaforth

    I’m with you, why are cosmetic companies so afraid of matte shadows.
    Teenagers aren’t the only ones out there buying make up. Those of us over
    25 don’t want sparkle and glitter. ?

  11. Allysa Anne

    thanks marlena.. i may still get this too– my no buy remember was almost a
    success but i saw the ud3!!! im waiting to get it in the mail now.. plus i
    want more mug shadows too!! X :)?

  12. Diana Argueta

    I feel like Kats makeup line is so underrated in the beauty community! I’ve
    been using her make up for a few years now and her eyeshadows are hands
    down the best shadows I’ve ever used! I also love her concealer. Anyway I
    rarely hear any makeup gurus talk about her cosmetics… Why?!?!? ?

  13. Gemma Murtagh

    Sucks I cant get this in the uk!!!?

  14. Sarah Evans

    I was super pumped for this pallet but I’m not willing to invest that much
    money in it, and I can’t stand those silly plastic flip sheets. Takes away
    from the quality of the pallet?

  15. Stephanie Neely

    Hey marlena, just wondering if u wer planning on reviewing th smashbox
    holiday pallettes? Ive been pondering them since i seen them online, but
    because i dont have a smashbox counter close, i need your help to decide if
    i should order them! Your reviews are always great, keep up th good work&
    stay healthy so we keep seeing you xx :P?

  16. Necator Nimrod

    oh oh oh your own makeup is starting to veer towards garish… a shame and
    so unnessesary: you are beautiful, no need to ruin it with a drag queen

  17. luckyelfie

    I’m well into my 40’s and have loved using this palette over the last
    month. Yes more basic matte colors would be nice, but I have plenty in my
    stash to pull from.?

  18. XInvida

    I actually wouldn’t buy this palette if there were more neutral matte
    shades in it. I feel like I have enough of those in my own collection
    already and that’s just not something I want from a palette like this.?

  19. Taysha68

    Love your shirt! I have and love this palette. I agree it could use some
    colors to anchor everything, however I don’t mind pulling something else
    out to blend and anchor. This palette is awesome!! Thanks for another great

  20. HippiChik

    Love this holiday makeup time of year! Thanks for all your in-depth
    reviews, Marlena. Also – just received my MUG 9 pan Z-palette and have
    fallen in LOVE – such great colors (vivids and matte!) and the quality!!
    The deluxe foundation stippling brush is also fab…and fancy looking in my
    brush jar. Bravo, girl!?

  21. Jenny Linehan

    I LOVE this Palette Marlena !!!! I own most of Kat’s Eyeshadow Palettes
    and you can NEVER go wrong that’s for sure!!! I’m So So Glad to see You
    making Videos again….I just want to say that You are in my Prayers
    because I know the stress that you must be going through in regards to your
    hair loss. I too, have many many things wrong with me that Docs can’t seem
    to figure out and it gets very depressing and downright FRUSTRATING when
    no-one can seem to be of any help. I’m not sure, by now you may already
    have an answer to this problem. I’m Praying that You do. Marlena, You
    were the FIRST person I watched about 4 yrs. ago that got me back into
    makeup again ( I’m 43 yrs. old ). I watched Your videos repeatedly and You
    are STILL my “Friend” that taught me all about Makeup and once that
    happened …..I fell in Love with it all over again. I Wish ONLY The Best
    for You, Your Family and Your “Cocoa Bear” !!!! Love and Hugs 4EVER :)D

  22. Elle Is For Living

    As always, a great objective review Marlena. I think that plastic cover is
    SO annoying and agree with you about wanting more mattes and this being a
    palette for younger people. Thanks for a great review. ? Elle?

  23. fskatingdreams

    This is definitely my favorite palette that you’ve reviewed so far this
    holiday season. However, I pretty much only use neutral colors so I don’t
    think I’m going to get this one. Thanks for the review!?

  24. LadyHumph

    I love how ppl talk out of their butts here… IT’S CALLED A REVIEW!! She’s
    REVIEWING the palette!! She’s giving her honest opinion and overall, it’s
    an awesome palette! Love you, Marlena!!?

  25. MizzMadeUp

    Looked like some really bright and Gorgous color …That Green black looked
    awesome … Thank u for sharing and giving great tips … Lots of Love

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