Fall Look ft Kat von D Spellbinding Palette: Get Ready with Me (full face) Posted by admin on November 20th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Fall Look ft Kat von D Spellbinding Palette: Get Ready with Me (full face)”

  1. Neelia476

    Thank you Bernadett! Yeah, not a fan! I’m getting this out of here!

  2. Neelia476

    Yeah..too much hype on this product! I’m going to be getting rid of this!

  3. Neelia476

    Ha! You’re funny! Hey you can rock a smoky eye or a red lip and have no
    where to go! As long as you feel fabulous! I have a big date with the stuff
    I need to around the house too! Lol

  4. Neelia476

    Thank you! :)

  5. Neelia476

    Thank you Christa! I just love playing around to see what happens! Thanks
    for watching! xo, A.

  6. Orlena Langan

    I’m not a fan either!

  7. Eva Unlimited

    Not really. To me it just seemed to work only with the MUFE foundation,
    which lasted longer than the primer. Just make sure to get the white one –
    there are different colours for different ‘concerns’ like redness etc. but
    to me they seem gimmicky…

  8. Adriana Pina

    Loved this format Aileen! And the look is gorgeous, can you do my makeup
    everyday? And yeah, my husband always asks me where I’m going after I do my
    makeup bc I’m all done up. I usually just have a big date with laundry!

  9. GinaismXO

    beautifully done! :-)

  10. ChristasWorld

    Great look. When I’m playing I wind up with full on looks too with way more
    shadows on my lid. Impossible to duplicate when I like the results! LOL
    Beautiful look. Xx C

  11. Beauty2Shoozzz

    They sure do… 😉

  12. Neelia476

    Thanks Kristen! The palette is really beautiful and versatile! Where am I
    from like where I live or ethnicity? I live in MA. Ethnically -my parents
    are from Dominican Republic, so I speak Spanish, which is why you’re
    probably hearing a small accent. Thanks for watching! :)

  13. Neelia476

    It’s such an effortless lipstick! I love that whole line! Good thing I was
    able to grab most of the colors I was interested in when they went on

  14. Neelia476

    Thank you! Anytime I do any of these looks it looks a little scary, but
    eyeliner and mascara always make everything look better!! xo

  15. Neelia476

    Ha ha! I’m telling you! Everyday! Thanks for watching Summer! xo

  16. Neelia476

    Thank you Sandra! The palette is a good size, but it’s slim so it’s not
    bulky at all. Thanks for watching! xoxo, A.

  17. Neelia476

    Thank you Eva! :)

  18. Neelia476

    I can’t stand that! Why must certain products only work with their own
    line! Maybe I’ll get a sample from Sephora so I can test that out and maybe
    it’ll help me use this up. Do you like the primer with other foundations?

  19. Neelia476

    Hey Shawna! This happens to me everyday!! I swear I rock a smoky eye
    sometimes just for cleaning the house! Lol

  20. Neelia476

    Thanks Michelle! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well! :) xo

  21. Neelia476

    Thanks Cynthia! It is a beautiful palette! I’m a sucker for palettes! xo

  22. Neelia476

    Thank you! :)

  23. Neelia476

    Thank you! I know! I always struggle with liner! lol Thanks for watching! xo

  24. beautymoxie

    Love this!!! That palette is beautiful! Where are you from? I really
    enjoyed this!

  25. jmg194

    Blush by Revlon is one of my all time favorite lipsticks also!

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