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an attempt to quit smoking, Kat and her crew bring a hypnotist to the shop.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – LA INK Crew gets Hypnotized”

  1. ChilenoPiscean22

    @AnnieNitemare Of course it is, but not everyone has that power at first.
    Sometimes you need to take things slowly, resonably slowly, with the
    intentions always present in your mind.

  2. Super Hitler

    i think if anything its that one thing like when you give someone a sugar
    pill but tell them its mdma theyll still act kinda high,

  3. Evan Nati

    every hypnotic skeptic is too afraid to watch this link all the way through

  4. VR6Bosnjo

    try this shit with snoop ahaha he’ll laugh at you

  5. ChilenoPiscean22

    @yayah102 Not if it worked. The point of hypnosis is to re-programe the
    mind or your way of thinking. Change happens in the mind first, then the
    body responds. Quiting smoking or any other addication, needs to happen in
    your way of thinking first.

  6. fredisaqueef


  7. Andy Russell The Deceiver

    hypnosis does work!! BUT depends on the person ur doing it on and also how
    good the hypnotist is.

  8. Jorge Stevenson

    He seems a bit sleazy at 0:32 lol

  9. Brittanys113

    See what Erebos Tattoo Supply has for YOU!

  10. respectbluder

    yh a cigaweed

  11. Anna X

    @Ambushcrysis sure…

  12. joanneb73

    My friends Dad got hypnotized to stop smoking and he never smoked since,
    but maybe he just has the will power to actually stop..

  13. cheappinkguitar

    @negroivan Season 3, Episode 6

  14. MassInfection1138

    wake up…. “i need a smoke” !!!!

  15. Ambushcrysis

    @yayah102 YOU MEAN likea psychologist

  16. AnnieNitemare

    If you’re gonna quit, the best way really is cold turkey.

  17. La Porta D

    @riddellydiddelly If you like the devil.

  18. zhongzheng

    Funny how he had to convince The Heat on how great she did……….talk
    about lame dude..

  19. SmooveMoves


  20. Melley4453

    LMFAO! i think i’d just burst out laughing if someone was talking to me
    like that.

  21. negroivan

    can somebody tell me which number is this chapter and from what season?

  22. 95ultimateguitar

    @Autotech233 hey foo, u a no good nigga ain’t ya?

  23. philbio66

    did it work?

  24. Michael Mendonca

    if that was me and he said how do you feel i would say i feel like i need a

  25. Anna X

    ok…i dident know that… my brother and my mother have both tryed to
    quite smoking with patches and weaning themselves off,but everytime it
    never works.. so,to the LA ink team (kat esspechly) i nkow how hard it is
    to quite smoking,but if you really want to stop,dont stop trying!!!

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