*Kat Von D, Lock-It Tattoo Foundation* Review + Demo | Nomadic Makeup Posted by admin on November 17th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Just got this Foundation! I LOVE it! Color is “Medium 53″ Watch if you’d like to see how to performs and shizz! xo-Faith my other foundation shades- Mac Stud…

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25 Responses to “*Kat Von D, Lock-It Tattoo Foundation* Review + Demo | Nomadic Makeup”

  1. Kayla Smith

    Cool thank you!
    Have you tried the LOreal Potions mascara?

  2. Kayla Smith

    Thank you!
    I already own the MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl. Would a light concealer
    work well with it also?
    And thank you! I’ll have to visit the Nars Website! Also, what’s your
    favorite mascara because your lashes in your foundation routine video are

  3. Kayla Smith

    I’m starting to think that I need to own both this one and the Nars Sheer
    glow? lol Ugh! I can’t decide! Which of the two do you like better for
    oily/acne prone skin? Also, I’m around the skin tone that you are, soo what
    liquid/cream and what powder high-lighter and bronzer do you reccomended?
    I’m in a huge makeup rut and I need some new inspiration! Thanks! ????

  4. CmcLovesYou

    You are gorgeous. Loved the review!

  5. Nomadic Makeup

    Well there shade range is pretty good,so depending on if you want mega
    coverage this should be able to work for everyone :)

  6. dafneruiz04

    Would you say this is for medium skintones or more medium dark?

  7. o0suckerface

    I use Nars Sheer Glow (LOVE it) but have wanted to try this one… now I
    will 😉 thanks for the review!!

  8. Nomadic Makeup

    all my other shades are in the description box! ^^

  9. dafneruiz04

    What shade are you in MAC??

  10. Pierydeary

    Great vid:-)

  11. Nomadic Makeup

    lol i recommend it! top 3 of my foundations,and they have a great shade
    selection. and that video it coming up ^_^ x

  12. Alissa Alcala

    Now I want that foundation , I have a really yellow undertone and sometimes
    foundation looks a little pink and fake like a mask :/ oh and please do a
    skin care routine :)

  13. Nomadic Makeup

    hihi^^ sorry to be an enabler! but its amazing :)

  14. MissKatieBug412

    I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for a while now amd after watching
    your review I believe I may buy it this week. Lol

  15. dervangie

    I love the kat von d foundation!! Especially cus I have a yellow undertone
    to my skin (:

  16. jennifer broadway

    Its looks so amazing on your skin!!!! I cant wait for mine to come in!

  17. AliciaD372

    I really want to give this a try! It looks gorgeous on your skin!

  18. Ceme612

    I like it on you! I’ll have to go get colormatched and get a sample, I’m
    normal dry, so I’ll moisturize first (great tip). Thank you!

  19. Nomadic Makeup

    thank you! i love it! ^_^

  20. theartismakeup

    it looks beautiful on your skin and perfect match! and that tube will last
    you FOREVER 😉

  21. Nomadic Makeup

    me too! the powder will probly be the next thing i try! ^^

  22. JackyOhhh

    I really wanna try this out.And her new powder too! Especially right now
    because my chin is breaking out a little bit :(

  23. Nomadic Makeup

    if you wanna use it,i reccomend an intnese moisturizer and little to no
    powder on top,but your skin is so nice, you totally dont need the crazy
    coverage it gives! and i know i <3 the packaging!

  24. Rikki Poynter

    And Kat Von D packaging, for the most part, has impressed me. Especially
    for the eyeshadow palettes.

  25. Rikki Poynter

    I’ve been interested in this foundation for quite some time, but I’m not so
    sure it’d be suitable for dry skin…

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