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25 Responses to “LA Ink – New Episode 7/23*”

  1. mary ann

    Didnt say I have seen “ALL” of her tattoos but frome what Ive seen she
    would n ot be my first choice for an artist there. I been around tattoos my
    whole life. My dads a artist (no longer tattooing) and has lots of old
    school tattoo artist friends. I myself worked in a tattoo shop and I have
    many tattoo artist and shop owner friends so I not new to this. So in my
    opinion 60% maybe of her tattooing is not good! And yeah I think people get
    tattooed by her cause of WHO she is NOT her work.

  2. sadamisko

    That blond should be tattoo all over her body by jacass crew ! Then shaved
    bold I mean 0mm ! And threw away like garbage ! This is how much I hate her

  3. JonasJonasFan2


  4. Dilemma0187

    i just went there when i went to LA. im not kidding when i say this,
    everything on this show is fake. not a word of a lie!

  5. bettiep

    @distortedmind87 Yeah she looks really good with. I think because most of
    them are black and gray (that’s what I want to get) because she has a nice
    body. :

  6. bettiep

    To rude girl76: Wouldn’t u be a bitch too if u had to travel alot, run a
    business, and put up with Aubry. I understand Kat completely.

  7. Pepsilova

    I really liked Amy, i felt bad for her, hope she comes back, can’t stand
    the blonde girl hope she gets fired

  8. mary ann

    The more & more I watch La Ink the more I dislike Kat & Corey! Who made
    them “Tattoo Gods”!? Honestly 60% of Kat tattoos are not good! The other
    artist are amazing, Dan is the best this season! And if you dont like
    Aubrey FIRE HER! All that drama is good tv I guess, but not a good/real
    tattoo shop! Dont get me wrong Kat is gorgeous but she like “in style”
    right now that why people go get tattooed by her not cause she a good
    artist (shes ok) But this season she has become a bitch.

  9. pinkprincess8910

    she looks great without tattoos!!

  10. RuFiOPx

    all this shit is fake!!! iv been there dont belive everything u see the
    blonde girl is an actress dumb shits and kat von d can choke on a dick fuck
    u all bitches!

  11. Michelle Cormier

    yes she has her own brand at Sephora

  12. chadley6916

    Kat is such a douche bag! That Amy chick had more originality in her pinky
    than kat has in her whole body. I think kat was VERY jealous of Amy’s
    looks/confidence. This show jumped the shark ages ago. I would NEVER get a
    tat at kats “shop,” she can’t run her own life, let alone a successful
    parlor. Kat is really milking the show now. Why is it even on the air
    anymore? Also, I notice when kat talks now, her mouth doesn’t really move
    with the words she is saying? Something is up with her face?

  13. MKAyo1

    Ooh why do you say that??? TELL TELL

  14. cheeseheartmate123

    i hate the new people

  15. distortedmind87

    She looks better with her tats, as a matter of fact, if she didn’t have all
    those great tattoos, I wouldn’t think she was pretty at all.

  16. JonasJonasFan2


  17. Elizabeth Harbottle

    shes so beautifil with out tatoos!<3

  18. Monica Marcum

    If she hated her so much, why in the hell did she hire her in the first
    place? Sure they were cut low, but they hated her from the start! And the
    girl before her was treated bad too, to the point where she quit! Kat
    leaves out her employers her basically go out there way to help out! If she
    don’t like it she shouldn’t be hiring any one if she can’t work with people
    but family and friends like herself! But the blonde one is staying for the
    spotlight I’m sure though. Why stay if its that bad?

  19. badbrunette412


  20. slevin666999

    please someone tell me where i can find more info on amy as in her myspace
    or whatever else

  21. Leesa666

    You’re so right…especially those in her face are quite unnecessary…

  22. Camille Malm

    I think she looks gorgeous with or without tattoos.

  23. Daisy72762

    its a bunch of bullshit! They need to get rid of Aubry!!!! Period!

  24. Dilemma0187

    well..when you first get there, there is a whole bunch of security people
    outside and you have to line up to get in. the security people tell you
    that you cant talk to the tatoo artists, you cant take pictures, you cant
    look at the cameras, and you cant go past the front desk. and then while we
    were talking to one of the security guys he told us that kat never comes
    out of the back room. the only time she does is when she has to film. and
    when they are filming, you have to leave. it sucked

  25. BoogleBoogle

    any1 know where i can watch this ep online?

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