Kat Von D Foundation Powder Review Posted by admin on November 14th, 2013 | Comments (23) |

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23 Responses to “Kat Von D Foundation Powder Review”

  1. JackyOhhh

    The beginning was so cute :) You’ve officially sold me on this powder. I
    wanna see how it lasts on my skinnn.

  2. MomentsOfColor

    Love Naty Daylight LOL…you are too stinkin cute!!! Great review! I really
    enjoyed your thoroughness! love ya beautiful girl! xoxo!!

  3. oxSPiFFYxo

    I loveee that WIG! Im gonna have to go check that foundation out since its
    soooo humid here. I need my skin to be mattified! and I love the red
    lipstick! you finally found a good one that goes with your skintone! DO A

  4. Jordan Seabright

    You are hilarious I swear to god :) I have never laughed to hard at the
    beginning of a video :)

  5. Dolores Mitchell

    Omg Girl u crack me up! Love ur attitude!! Lol lol I luv ur videos u always
    tell it like it is. Keep up the gd wrk.

  6. TheMakeupxoxo

    What shade are you in this foundation? In comparison to the shade in MUFE
    duo? Which do you prefer between the two? Btw- the MUFE duo u can purchase
    online on Sephora they don’t carry in store but still online!! :-) it’s my
    HG foundation!

  7. LatinaGG

    Naty Daylight looks cool & someone I would have a great time hanging w/her
    😉 Plus the colorful hair is Awesome!!! Great Review Thank You

  8. sofea babby

    Have you tried the concealer for undereye? By kat von D? i have really
    sensitive skin and my eyes just start watering :$ do you recommened it?

  9. vanessa's beauty

    hey guys please check out my youtube channel would means so much if you
    could come past leave a comment and subscribe thanks

    Get Ready With Me (Purple on Purple)

  10. alyssa6477

    @NatyMidnight I got my nose pierced 2 days before Thanksgiving
    (thanksgiving day in Canada) and just yesterday as I was cleaning my nose
    piercing I noticed that I got this tiny red bump on it. Today I bought Tea
    Tree Oil and heard a lot of decent reviews on how Tea Tree Oil is the best
    thing to heal these kinds of bumps. I wondering is it true.

  11. brenda cornejo

    Jaja team naty daylight lmao!!! Love you chick!!! Your so pretty and down
    to earth <3

  12. iLuVmInEdiNo

    ?/ This is Bob. Copy and paste
    /? all over youtube
    / \ so he can take over

  13. Makeup By Maria Munoz

    Lol I love you ????????
    Can you please check out my channel? If not is ok ????

  14. CristinaSaysWhat

    Wasssup biiitches hahah i love!

  15. Twisted Silver

    Thanks for the review, lovely!

  16. djmindy

    where’s your wig from!? i’m in love with it

  17. k1tcatsayz

    Haha you are too funny girl!! Love you! :)

  18. Andre Rouzo

    you’re amazing baeeee, keep it up :)

  19. D0BackFlips

    What shade are you in this?

  20. DeeDoesMakeup

    Lol,great review!

  21. JNellyBellyBeans

    You so cray girl

  22. beautybellaxo

    Is that a wig?


    Naty Daylight 😀 <3333

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