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My review of the Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Palette…is it worth buying or not? Plus find out how to enter a giveaway to win your own palette. END SLA…

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25 Responses to “Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book by Kat Von D – Review and Giveaway – Retro Ramblings”

  1. A Vintage Vanity

    @Live4theblacknote Yay!!! I’m so glad you’re now rockin’ the victory
    rolls! They are such a fun look to wear! 😀

  2. A Vintage Vanity

    +Zeffarniah Montgomery Yes!!! Start making those videos and let me know
    when the first one goes up! ;D

  3. A Vintage Vanity

    +Anne Tye Yes!!! So much fun running around “our house” and giggling at
    mooning cherubs! You made a wonderful day even more fun! Thanks for
    coming out to visit me! ~hugs~

  4. megan kollar

    Just found your videos looking a way to use my grandmother’s vintage
    scarfs. I like vintage hair and style. I usually dress more like a
    Baltimore hun girl. If don’t know what that is I would look ip on google.
    And maybe do a hun series.

  5. Angie Hernandez

    I found your channel looking for vintage hairstyles. Love the vintage
    haircut video!

  6. Kayla Thomas

    I found your channel looking for vintage dos and I’m so happy I did!!

  7. Hannah fall

    I found your channel through my best friend:)

  8. Anna Doolan

    I can’t pick a favourite series that you’ve done! You always make me
    interested in whatever it is you’re doing, whether it be hair, your diys ,
    or even just listening to you talk! Please don’t stop anytime soon. You
    brighten my days x

  9. Lisa Timmins

    I found you by searching for Lauren Bacall hairstyle. I don’t actually
    think I’ve got a favourite series of yours as I enjoy all of them, we seem
    to be very similar in tastes, even down to Dr Who & Star Trek! ;0)

  10. elmwicks

    I found your channel from this video! I was looking up reviews for this
    palette because I’ve been debating on getting it! :)

  11. Merrmaiid

    I found you randomly looking for vintage hairstyles ! & I just had to
    subscribe :) I just enjoy your hair tutorials & DIY’s. congrats! & thanks
    for the awesome giveaway

  12. MamaRedRose

    Found you through hair tutorials. Was browsing for many random hair styles
    and found yours on subject pincurls.

  13. Queen.Bitch

    I love your hair tutorials! I’m terrible at doing hair and watching videos
    helps a lot. Love your work and your hair. xoxo

  14. Estefany Perez

    I was looking on a how to for victory rolls and I found your channel ! I
    stayed up all night watching it I even tried your foam roller set tutorial!
    And my favorite is the. 3 minute hair tutorial! Thanks doll!

  15. Tea Quila

    I found you while looking for a how to on brushing out foam rollers! I fell
    in love with you after you left a comment on my profile, so sweet! (:

  16. Orlena Langan

    I found your channel by searching Kat Von D Spellbinding tutorials. :)

  17. Zeffarniah Montgomery

    i really love your videos especially the hair but i think the sewing will
    soon be of help as i’ll be starting sewing soon. another aspect is that you
    really remind me of my mum ! same looks and personality. your channel also
    makes me want to start posting videos

  18. Julieta Di Battista

    I’ve found your channel, searching tutorials for pin up styles… make up
    and hair, and I got subscribed after 30 seconds :) I love watching your
    videos, you are wonderful!

  19. MonsterMash

    I found your channel by looking for 1920’s hair styles. At first I didn’t
    subscribe, but when I did get an account I remembered you. :) What I like
    most about your channel is that there is never a dull moment, and its like
    your talking to us like friends.

  20. Bella Havok

    I found you because I have been going through a hair identity crisis! Lol!
    I have NEVER been good at my hair and I searched high and low for sponge
    roller/retro tutorials. Through many a late night google searches I found a
    trove on YouTube :) Between you, LisaFreemontStreet, and TheCherrydollface
    I FINALLY am able to do stuff with my hair. I don’t know if I can express
    to you how happy you have made me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! <3

  21. Leyla Jansen

    :) I found your channel when I was looking for vintage/retro/pinup
    tutorials and dressing tips. I instantly fell in love with you because you
    are different from most of the others. I feel more connected to you because
    you seem like a wonderful person and you can see that in every video! And
    also you are funny! 😀 I always enjoy your make up, hair and clothing
    videos because you really are an example for me in style, and being
    yourself! Lots of love from Holland! 😀 3

  22. MandyNiXX

    I actually found you channel by searching for reviews on this palette!
    Great video (:

  23. megan randall

    I found your channel through missmai27 a few months back. She was using
    your hair tutorials. I watched that first video of yours and immediately
    watched every one on your channel. You are very charismatic and full of
    sunshine. I love vintage and pin up as you do, and I enjoy all your videos,
    but my favorites are the vintage fairs/ hauls, retro ramblings, reviews,
    and vacation vlogs.

  24. Katie Maloof

    I found this channel very recently while looking for Pin Up hair tutorials
    and I fell in love! Your channel is just perfect and I haven’t stopped
    playing with my hair since! I have always loved vintage fashion but had
    never really worn it until I spent the summer swing dancing in SoCal and it
    really got me started dressing in Vintage/Rockabilly fashion! Thank you for
    being so wonderful and helping me tame my crazy lion hair!

  25. Jennifer Brain

    ive been wacthing you for about a year now . ive always loved vintage
    cloths and i found you when i was inspired one day to try make my own, i
    wacthed a couple of your videos and i was hooked from there on i enjoy
    eveything you post because its helpful and useful from cloths to hair to
    being self confident. :)

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