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Accompanying blog post with more pictures, product lists, and what I’m wearing: ? KAT VON D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book ? Get…

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25 Responses to “? KAT VON D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book ? Get Ready With Me ? BeautyBuzzHub ?”

  1. mymochaful

    Very pretty!

  2. scrub1s

    love this eye look I couldn’t stop looking at your eyes love that you did
    with the shadows love love love!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Daina McDowell

    We have a similar eye shape/lids, so I love watching you! The play of
    colors was so much fun, and the colors are amazing! <3

  4. Niqueena1

    Such a pretty, unique look. Don’t think I can hold back much longer buying
    this palette. Haha. I gotta keep my eyes peeled for the 100 pt perks. That
    blush was an awesome one! I, for one, enjoy the variety of grwm vids. :)

  5. What Emily Loves

    I hope you’re there when I come in for my birthday haulage and buy this

  6. 08oceanview

    So pretty!!! This palette looks amazing:)

  7. mirageangelhope

    The eyelook is amazing.My bday on the 30th I think I might try and get this
    as a gift

  8. Chelsea Garay

    Okay so now I’m convinced. I need this palette too!! I just started a
    channel and am having so much fun. I am learning every time I make a video.
    I enjoy watching you and seeing you grow as a YouTuber. xoxo Chelsea

  9. Beth Graves

    Wonderful job! I am absolutely loving my spellbound palette!!

  10. TheCyanideDream

    If I wasn’t convinced before I definitely am now!! I need this palette in
    my life! I just got hired at sephora, I;m definitely using my discount for
    this!!! You did an amazing job!

  11. BeautyBuzzHub

    the lighting made my under eye appear lighter than reality but you’re right
    they did look super light. I used mac pro long wear concealer to help
    correct under eye darkness and a brightener to brighten. hope that helps xo

  12. BeautyBuzzHub

    thank you girl friend!!!

  13. foxyroxy371

    Your undereyes were already very light before you applied makeup, so why
    did you use 3 undereye concealers?

  14. BeautyBuzzHub

    it’s fab!!! xo

  15. BeautyBuzzHub

    thank you

  16. BeautyBuzzHub

    thank you glad you like! thanks for watching and commenting

  17. BeautyBuzzHub

    thanks Dani!!

  18. BeautyBuzzHub

    thank you!

  19. BeautyBuzzHub

    thank you. I agree that $55 is a lot but if you break it down it’s $2-$3
    per shadow

  20. BeautyBuzzHub

    thank you so much!

  21. BeautyBuzzHub

    thank you Kristinn! xo

  22. BeautyBuzzHub

    I went to sun tan city and did the versa with light shade. crazy they have
    shades light med dark good for fair skin like myself! xo

  23. BeautyBuzzHub

    thank you! I had a spray tan and think my under eye area wore off faster
    from taking eye makeup off. xo

  24. BeautyBuzzHub

    thank you! the necklace is twisted silver peace and love convertible and
    earrings are guess

  25. FrappuccinoSnob

    Thanks for the great video! I love the jewelry your wearing. Is it from
    twistedsilver? What are the pieces called?

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