Kat Von D Fragrances Sinner and Saint Posted by admin on November 6th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Kat Von D introduces her two fragrances. Saint evokes a romantic softer, sweeter side, while Sinner makes Kat want to take on the world. Shop Kat Von D Fragr…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Fragrances Sinner and Saint”

  1. Nadia Choudhury

    I like? saint

  2. monikabelle

    What is the song, sinner is? my fav

  3. Elisabeth Rojas

    Saint is my fav xD?

  4. BrokenAngel

    Kat? Von D is so awesome! I love her style and attitude! She’s definitely one of my role models!!!

  5. tmellon

    I got both Sinner & Saint when it first came out, I didn’t quite like Sinner? – it reminded me too much like men’s cologne and it gave me a headache. But I absolutely LOVED Saint!! Its been one of my go-to perfumes that I wear.

  6. Kadiijha Simone

    My signature scenst:? Saint for day and Sinner for night 😉

  7. youthvscorruption

    I love these scents cuz their fragrance is so distinct, and it doesn’t mellow? out to that generic perfume smell.

  8. sweetasscandii18

    Kat Von D is awesome?

  9. Rosalyn S

    What lipstick is she? wearing? I love it

  10. Serena Small

    Love all of Kat’s beauty? products and fragrances. She is a true artist!

  11. LocalsOnlyClothing

    Thieves and Kings by The Peach Kings?

  12. marijawonderland

    anyone knows? the name of the song ?

  13. Taylor Gilliland

    piaf! can’t help? but smile when ya see that little guy!

  14. BoomBoomInYurRoom

    <3 Love this woman to death. A true inspiration/role model.?

  15. MegaDivaWWE

    what’s the name of music??

  16. christie blair

    so? many tatoos omg

  17. AccusingEyes92

    Sinner is my favorite perfume. Fantastic. I just have a little roller ball tube right now, but I am ordering a large on as soon as I get the? chance.

  18. Cheloclues

    Adora? smells so good!! It reminds me of Christmas

  19. Sicura Beal

    The song is Peach Kings-Thieves? and kings

  20. Autumn Rayne

    i love Sinner and Saint. i want to try Adora:)
    sadly:( i ran out of my bottles of S&S.
    i needdd more 😛
    soooo true what she says, i feel innocent and soft and good lil girl wearing Saint but Sinner makes me feel like i CAN take on the world :3
    Sinner is my favorite scent? EVER!
    Kat rules!

  21. ChocolateShockxx

    I own all her perfumes, including Adora and by far, Sinner? is the most delicious one ?

  22. Maracllea

    I love these!
    PS: does anyone know the name of the? song?

  23. crazyartgirl1

    Saint is my absolute? favorite perfume! I pretty much wear it every day :)

  24. nomychocolatewaffles

    ;D? i want

  25. joejoe enriquez

    i? want some

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