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Kat Von D Lock It Tatto Foundation & Concealer Review Twitter.com/JustSandsWorld IG: JustSandsWorld My Morning Skincare Routine http://www.youtube.com/watch?…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation & Concealer Review”

  1. sanders kennedy

    it so annoying right? ? thanks for watching <3

  2. sanders kennedy

    thats all i can be, took awhile? to learn that, thanks love

  3. sanders kennedy

    thanks so much? :)

  4. sanders kennedy

    thanks so much for subscribing? xoxoxo

  5. sanders kennedy

    YAY im forever grateful for her sharing my? video, thanks so much for watching <3

  6. gonzalezisa79

    Casey brought me here? , great video hunn!

  7. Jennifer Thompson

    Nice vid! I am subscribing!?

  8. sanders kennedy

    Thanks? so much <3

  9. Stephanie Clark

    Adorable! ? You have the most AMAZING eyebrows! ?Love? Subscribed 😉

  10. MissKatieBug412

    You are freaking adorable! I’m using the foundation as well, and fully feel? the same way, less is more. Instant follow!!

  11. ADriBella Pizz'azz

    Wow. . Great? video. . That’s awesome

  12. Grace Hutchison

    Btw Casey brought me here to a? great channel(:

  13. Grace Hutchison

    Great video! I am? subscribing!

  14. Jeannette Vasquez

    Im glad you are who you you wanna be(:? great video!

  15. Kirsten Smith

    Omg? I have the same problem with the beauty blender around my nose area! Great video, ive been wanting to try the Kat Von D foundation!

  16. Kirsten Smith

    Omg I have the same problem with the beauty blender around my nose area!? Great video, ive been wanting to try the Kat Von D foundation!

  17. sanders kennedy

    Thanks? so much, u r gorgeous <3

  18. sanders kennedy

    yea it does lol, when i watched it bc when i posted it? i was like OMG NO!!!! but it was to late lol

  19. sanders kennedy

    Thanks love, we need to make another video together SOON. Maybe a? follow us around Sephora or something

  20. sanders kennedy

    im sry? u dont have it there, thanks for watching <3

  21. sanders kennedy

    yea the color is off bc i got it when i had a tan.?

  22. sanders kennedy

    SmashBox Photo? Finish

  23. veritoo

    thank you so? much i sure will, what primer do you use?

  24. iSB650

    Is it me or is the color way? off? You are a yellow tone. KVD is pink ish on you…

  25. Blondiiii98

    Mhhh… i want the kat von d foundation too but i come from germany and i can’t get it… :( but? i like your video you’re a nice person :)

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