Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation- First Impression (F.I.F) Posted by admin on October 27th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Keep in mind that my lights are bright and they make my face look a little bit lighter than it actually is in person. The color of this foundation was a g…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation- First Impression (F.I.F)”

  1. Amy Casarez

    That’s? what I need* oops

  2. Amy Casarez

    Been wondering about this foundation because I have the concealer and it’s sooo thick, BUT that’s what u need haha! Thank you Casey! I just? recently started my own channel not nearly as wonderful as yours but if love your opinion and input on my videos. It would mean the world. Thanks!!

  3. Missyteal21

    I like? my smash box 12 studio skin foundation :))

  4. ShanShortcakeBeauty

    Love this foundation!? :)

  5. shyisabear

    The color is a? lil bit off

  6. Nymphette89

    You should the Sephora Brand 10HR foundation. The sephora lady put? it on me with the Kat Von D and I couldn’t tell the difference. I love it and lasts.

  7. drdax821

    Wow! I love this foundation on? you! It’s a keeper. It’s a perfect match, and your skin looks flawless with the foundation on camera! Wow!

  8. danmariemakeup

    I really love the fact that you didn’t start the video over after you took off the original layer of foundation. It really SHOWS (instead of just telling) how to apply the foundation, giving an actual example of what happens when you apply too much. Thanks Casey – keep? up the informative vids!

  9. MoStDoP18

    You? look absolutely gorgeous with no makeup !!!

  10. Jocelynee Lopez

    Omg! your skin look? sooo good!

  11. McKenzie Stark

    When a product says “fragrance free” they usually mean free of ADDED fragrances. Any product is going to smell a little bit,? they’re just saying they didn’t add any fragrance to it to alter the smell. (:

  12. Rhoda714

    Cute? top!

  13. indiansfan14

    thank you for? replying!!!:)

  14. Latina898989

    Babe I have really oily skin…!! You have to try Smashbox studio finish!! its amazing,? sweat proof, waterproof and humidity proof! Its also 15 hours wear!! I put it on at 8 am and my face is perfect at 5 pm :O amazing!! try it :))

  15. Gabby Colwell

    I? have the same type skin. I get oily in no time! Please review other foundation that claim to resist shine. It’s really helpful!

  16. JstAnothrGrl24

    i tried this last year or the year before – whenever it first came out.? everyone loved it but i hated it! this makes me want to try it out again.. but i think i’m going to try este lauder double wear before i decide to try this one again because i’ve heard a lot of good things about that one!

  17. XoBeauty13

    My favorite foundation by far is the kat von d lock it tattoo foundation I love the coverage and finish I do have dry skin btw but I also use the kat von d rehab priming elixir which helps with dry areas. ?

  18. marissa m

    i loved this review! i would say i’m interested in this foundation but i’m still not sure because i just purchased the Cover Girl Stay Fabulous 3 in? 1 foundation which i know everyone raves about so we’ll see! but great job on the first impression videos keep them coming:)

  19. Kimberly Cornacchio

    I’ve been looking into all natural skincare such as olive or coconut oil and all natural masks and such, maybe your redness could be from the chemicals and constant changing of face products. That happens to me my skin is red and large pores. I’ve been using oro gold? and Avon night cream and shiseido toner, I will also incorporate natural regimen when I run out:) but my skin is improving!

  20. Brooklyne Miller

    Can you do an updated drugstore foundation/makeup tutorial? :) This foundation looks beautiful? on you btw!

  21. Elaine P.

    question, you say you don’t agree with the transfer resistant claim of the foundation, but was the foundation completely set & dry before you changed your shirt?????? because that could make all the difference, especially since? it is a heavy foundation

  22. GoldenGirlxXsc12

    whats the name of it for the site and also whats better this foundation or mac studio fix for coverage and longevity wise??

  23. Tiffany Cao

    I ammm soo? oily. Pretty sure I’m oily- er than you!!! ::((((( ugh I hate it so much

  24. angelicaaisrad

    Haha you’re so cute Casey?

  25. Autumn Nicole

    awesome, I’ve? been wanting to try this foundation

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