KAT VON D: SPELLBINDING LIPSTICK SET – REVIEW AND LIP SWATCHES! Posted by admin on October 17th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

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  1. Raquel Montanez

    mau5? looks great on you!!!

  2. JackyOhhh

    So many pretty lipsticks! Vampira and Mau5 are so so so? pretty!

  3. yOLiEMENdEz1

    Video for? the eyes please!

  4. Linni Snupp

    honestly orang is? really not your colour it smashes with your pink hair :-)

  5. jessi gray

    I look terrible in orange lips. I LOVE the Mau5. I’m jealous that? you can pull off vampira!

  6. Glam Moms

    I know you don’t like the orange but it looks awesome on you… would pair great with your? cooper MAC pigment!

  7. Jordan Seabright

    Wow you looked amazing, your right I think the fairness of your? skin and hair colour made the orange look ten times worst :)

  8. supercooln2009

    Mau5 was my favorite on u. Loved the vintage red? one as well

  9. Cindy Andrade

    The colors shown just do? not look good on you.

  10. laura ward

    Mau5 (pronounced ‘Mouse’)? is gorgeous on you! Beautiful colour!

  11. purplecow8705ify

    The second one didnt even look like u? had anything on ur lips!!

  12. tanya pinelli

    A go go is A no no!! ? Lol

  13. JadesiBx36

    Oh pretty, pretty lippies Sam !! I think I liked the dark vampy one 😉 but I think they all looked good; even though u don’t like the orange one :-( glad u liked this little lippie set :-) I’m actually heading back to Sephora with? my mom in law for her b-day so oh yeah more damage will be done!! Xoxo

  14. Nicole Fritchman

    Mau5 = Mouse…like DeadMau5?

  15. ckarocks1996

    Great video, Sam! I love these kinds of videos, it really gives you a better idea of how they’ll look. Sadly, not many beauty gurus do these. I love Bachelorette, Love? Spell, Bambi, and maufive. And the orange, can’t forget that one 😉 lol

  16. Jules of Wisdom

    I like Luv on you for those purple days, Back Stage Bambi really brings out your pink steaks, and MAU5 is all around good on you.?

  17. LadyEMC2TV

    I’m glad I ordered this set. Kat Von d has really? nice lipsticks. I own hell bent. Love it. Thanks for the lip swatches.

  18. Adrianna Tolles

    wow,vampira? is such a beautiful color<3

  19. GwynneLoren

    Mua5 is your color, girlie?

  20. ukpanic77

    Some awesome? shades in there!!

  21. ukpanic77

    Yep, Vampira is gorge on you.?

  22. Carlos Ibarra

    I think you just sold? me on the lipsticks

  23. sandihello

    I bought it but decided to return it because I just didn’t like enough of the colors.? Loved ritual on you I know its nude but looked great with your skin and hair

  24. Jrae4444

    That last red looked friggin’ awesome on you, and the? first one too.

  25. MsOnoria

    LOL I think it just clashed with the pink hair. Maybe pull your hair? back and give it another try! I love your videos!

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